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April, 2010

Devart Delivers Performance-Leading SQL Comparison Tool – dbForge Data Compare 2.00

Posted by on April 29th, 2010

Devart announced the release of a new version of the professional tool for SQL server data comparison and synchronization – dbForge Data Compare 2.00. Committed to support the needs of database-dealing professionals, Devart now delivers a performance-leading SQL comparison tool that incorporates three times faster data comparison and synchronization, the smallest price and greater satisfaction than all other data comparison tools offer.

Incorporating these three components, dbForge Data Compare 2.00 guarantees greater satisfaction and smother database-dealing experience for any SQL comparison and synchronization goals.

The highlights of dbForge Data Compare 2.00 include:


Synchronizing data between a company database and a data warehouse

Posted by on April 15th, 2010

Recently we’ve received a question from one of our customers asking how to synchronize data between companies servers and a data warehouse server. Let’s see how easy it can be done with the help of  dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server, a professional tool for data comparison and synchronization.

What we have:

We have two companies ( they use ERP software), each having their own SQL Server database with one table. The companies tables with their customers’ data are saved in the data warehouse as follows:

  • The SQL table for company1 is Company1$Customer.
  • The SQL table for company2 is Company2$Customer.

What we need:

We need to create a data warehouse with all information stored in one set of SQL tables. For example, the created data warehouse should contain a Customer table that contains all records of Company1$Customer and Company2$Customer.  This table should contain an extra field with a company name to make the records unique. We need to synchronize only changed records.

How to complete the task:


dotConnect for Oracle Documentation Improved

Posted by on April 9th, 2010

We read all your feedback reports to know how we may make our products better. The opinion of our users is important to us. Unfortunately, substantial part of user feedback reports rate our documentation as poor.

Last couple of months we have been working on dotConnect for Oracle documentation improvement. We have made improvements in two directions:

  1. Better table of contents, improving of current articles and writing new ones.
  2. Improving class reference (increasing number of samples, extending descriptions)

You can download the latest version of our documentation here. Older version of this documentation can be downloaded here for comparison.

We would like to know your opinion on the documentation changes, and which problems need more detailed coverage.