The Basics of Qualitative Schema Comparison

Need more confidence in comparing and synchronizing schemas? Find where the secret lies.

Read the updated article “The Basics of Qualitative Schema Comparison” and do it yourself.

In the article:

  • Convenient Setting Up of Comparison Parameters
  • Easy Handling of Schema Differences
  • Safe Schemas Synchronization

Moreover, learn how to compare a schema and a database project, understand the compared results, reduce time ..

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2 Responses to “The Basics of Qualitative Schema Comparison”

  1. Sheeri K. Cabral Says:

    All one has to do is use MySQL workbench to compare schemas — it’s easy, fast and free.

    Import one schema into MySQL workbench, and then use the “Forward Engineer” feature to compare. It’s that easy, and you can get output as a CREATE script or as an ALTER script!

  2. Aleksandr Serdyuk Says:

    MySQL Workbench is designed to synchronize database model with the database. It is not suitable for comparing schemas, especially those that have different names. Schema differences analysis is even more difficult with Workbench. In plain and simple cases it can do the job but if things get more complicated MySQL Workbench becomes not the right tool to do the task.

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