Devart SQL Complete Alternatives: ApexSQL Complete vs RedGate SQL Prompt

August 25th, 2021

To stay productive and write accurate and error-free code, developers tend to use SQL code completion tools. They help them not only enhance code productivity significantly and write code faster but also standardize code practices, perform code analysis, and cut their time on building complex queries.

In the article, we are going to discuss three code completion tools as dbForge SQL Complete, ApexSQL Complete, and RedGate SQL Prompt that make coding much more efficient. We will give a brief overview of each tool and focus on their feature comparison.

What is RedGate SQL Prompt?

SQL Prompt, an alternative to dbForge SQL Complete, is a SQL IntelliSense-style code completion add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio. The tool allows formatting code with default and customizable options, as well as offers keywords and suggestions to provide easy code readability and minimize syntax errors.

Besides, you can easily navigate through the code to get some relevant information about invalid objects or unused variables. SQL Prompt provides code refactoring and analysis, SQL code snippets insertion and customization, and many other features that all together are aimed at increasing productivity and creating a more readable and accurate code.

What is dbForge SQL Complete?

Among its competitors, such as RedGate SQL Prompt or ApexSQL Complete, dbForge SQL Complete takes a vantage point. It is a feature-rich IntelliSense-style SQL autocompletion, code refactoring, and SQL formatting add-in for Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.

The tool provides a wide range of completion features, such as context-based completion, easy object renaming, SQL snippet insertion, instant object and keywords suggestion, pair highlighting, grid aggregates, SQL code formatting and refactoring, and much more. With all the capabilities, SQL Complete becomes a really helping hand that accelerates the working process and code writing, unifies coding standards in the team, creates readable and error-free queries, and saves a huge amount of time on coding work. Moreover, the tool offers advanced features for a reasonable price.

What is ApexSQL Complete?

ApexSQL Complete is a tool used to auto-complete keywords, statements, and identifiers that results in better productivity and faster coding. It can easily be integrated into SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio.

A comprehensive list of features includes but is not limited to SQL code autocompletion, suggestion list, object definition, encrypted objects autocompletion, overview information about identifiers, pair highlighting, keyword formatting, snippet insertion, alias management, CRUD procedures, and more.

Feature comparison: ApexSQL vs Redgate vs Devart

Now, let’s take a closer look at the features each tool provides. The table displays a comparison of features using which you can understand if the tool matches your objectives.

Feature dbForge
SQL Complete
SQL Prompt
ApexSQL Complete
Code Completion
Statement Expansion (INSERT, UPDATE, ALTER, and EXEC) Yes Yes No
Name suggestions for major objects Yes Yes Yes
Name suggestions for advanced objects Yes Yes No
Smart filtering in the suggestion list Yes Yes Yes
Context-sensitive suggestion of keywords Yes Yes No
Parameter information for functions Yes Yes Yes
Quick object information Yes Yes Yes
Rows Count information Yes No No
Name suggestions for objects on linked servers Yes Yes No
JOIN clause auto generation Yes No Yes
Complete JOIN statements suggestion with a search condition Yes No Yes
Search condition suggestion for JOIN statement Yes Yes Yes
Wildcard expansion Yes Yes No
INSERT statements expansion Yes Yes Yes
EXEC statements expansion Yes Yes No
ALTER statements expansion Yes Yes Yes
UPDATE statements expansion Yes No Yes
Code completion for common table expressions (CTE) Yes Yes Yes
Code completion in SQLCMD mode Yes Yes No
Sorting suggested keywords by relevance Yes Yes No
Phrase completion Yes Yes Yes
Automatically insert character when you type No Yes Yes
Column picker in the INSERT statement Yes No Yes
Recently closed documents Yes No No
Code Formatting
SQL formatting Yes Yes No
Automatically format on paste Yes No No
Disable formatting for a certain block of code Yes Yes No
Formatting in files and directories Yes No No
Database identifier case synchronization Yes Yes No
Formatting Profile Quick Select Yes Yes No
Command-line Interface Yes No No
Execute current statement Yes Yes No
Decrypt encrypted objects Yes Yes No
Execution warnings Yes Yes No
Execution notifications Yes No No
Transaction Reminder Yes No No
Tab coloring Yes Yes Yes
Custom SSMS main window title Yes No No
Semi-transparent view of the suggestion box Yes No Yes
SQL snippets Yes Yes Yes
“Go to definition” for database objects Yes Yes Yes
Highlight occurrences of an identifier Yes Yes No
Import Export Settings Wizard Yes Yes Yes
Navigation between queries Yes No No
Generate Script As from SSMS data grid Yes Yes Yes
Managing Aliases Yes Yes Yes
Find invalid objects Yes Yes No
Named Regions Yes Yes No
Run script on multiple databases Yes No No
Find in Results Grid Yes No Yes
Grid Aggregates Yes No No
Executed SQL Statements History Yes No Yes
Results Grid Data Visualizers Yes No No
Copy Data As from SSMS grid to XML, CSV, HTML, JSON, Excel Yes Yes Yes
Copy Data As from SSMS grid to File Yes No No
Highlight Unused Variables & Parameters No Yes No
Jump between COLUMNS and VALUES in INSERT statement Yes No No
Generate CRUD Yes No Yes
Restore last closed tab Yes No No
Restore last document session Yes No No
Close All unmodified tabs Yes Yes Yes
Document outline window Yes No Yes
Code Refactoring
Renaming objects, variables, and aliases Yes Yes No
Code analysis No Yes No
T-SQL Debugger Yes No No
Enclosing needed identifiers in square brackets Yes Yes No

Note: For comparison, the following versions of the tools were used: dbForge SQL Complete v6.8.20, Redgate SQL Prompt v10.7.1.22264, and ApexSQL Complete v2021.02.0631.

As you can see, all these tools provide a lot of features that can simplify your coding experience. However, with ApexSQL Complete you will need to involve additional tools to perform tasks. Also, all three tools offer a free trial period during which you can assess the features and decide on whether to purchase the product or not.

Considering the price, ApexSQL Complete is a tool from the fundamentals toolkit for SQL Server that costs $514 (annual license per user), Redgate SQL Prompt – $405 (perpetual license per year), and dbForge SQL Complete – $249.95 and $199.95 per license for the Professional and Standard editions respectively. Besides, dbForge SQL Complete has a free Express edition that includes basic functionality.


To sum up, which tool to choose depends on your requirements and objectives. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to Redgate SQL Prompt and ApexSQL Complete, dbForge SQL Complete is the best option. It can automatically complete your code more effectively and with no time. Furthermore, the tool will definitely make it easier to create accurate code with a minimum of keyboard typing, which is very important in our galloping world.

Download a free 30-day trial version of dbForge SQL Complete to assess the features it provides. At the end of that time, be sure you will not be ready to give up this tool.

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