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How to import data to Excel using ODBC

In this article, we will discuss how to access data using ODBC driver in Microsoft Excel. We will examine in detail the data retrieving process.
Cloud technologies develop rapidly, more and more data is stored in the cloud. Microsoft provides a great number of tools for data management and for cloud-stored data in particular. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular products for data management. However, it works locally on a user’s machine. Is there any chance to access data in the cloud? The answer is yes. Here ODBC comes into the action. Let’s see how to use ODBC driver for NetSuite as a connectivity solution between NetSuite ERP and MS Excel.

Note: Before proceeding directly to the data retrieving process, install the driver and make sure it is configured correctly. You can find detailed information about the driver configuration in documentation.

When the driver installation and configuration is completed, you can import data from NetSuite ERP using MS Excel:

1. Run MS Excel and click the Data tab.

import data to Excel using ODBC

2. To import data, click From other sources and then select From data connection wizard.

Data connection wizard

3. When Data Connection Wizard opens, select ODBC DSN and click Next to continue.


4. Now you should select a data source you want to connect to (e.g. NetSuite).

Connect Data Source

5. To connect to the table containing the data you need, select its name and click Next to enter and save information about your new file or click Finish.

Connect to the table

6. In the Import data dialogue specify extracted data parameters (e.g. table) and click OK.

View ODBC Data

7. You get the following result.

Display Data in Excel

Thus, by fulfilling the steps described in this article, you can obtain data using any ODBC driver.