How to reduce Internet traffic when connecting to remote host?

May 8th, 2009

Recently we received a letter from our customer who was unsatisfied with the amount of Internet traffic that dbForge Studio for MySQL produced when he was working with the remote MySQL server via VPN connection.

Here are two tips on how you can reduce your traffic in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v3.50:

First tip: Turn off code completion

SQL editor code completion feature requires all object names from all databases to be queried from server. This is no problem when working with MySQL server on local network but it takes time on remote connection. To turn off loading completions from database go to Tools->Options->Text Editor->Code Completion option tab and turn off option ‘Load completions from database’.

Second tip: Use compression

Version 3.50 of dbForge Studio for MySQL contains database connection option named ‘Use compression’. This options forces MySQL server to compress data packets that reduces overall network traffic (especially when transferring LOB-data). Turn this option on.

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