#dbForge Schema Compare

Using OneDrive to Store Scripts Folders for dbForge Schema Compare

A database scripts folder is a set of scripts that represent a database schema and, optionally, the data contained within. Scripts folders can be used to compare and deploy SQL Server database schemas, as well as version-control and reverse-engineer your databases. All of these operations can be done in a specialized tool called dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server.


dbForge Compare Bundle vs Visual Studio Diff Tools: Which One Compares Databases Better?

Identification and management of differences in database objects and actual data is an indispensable part of database management. Without a doubt, you want it to get done fast, easy, and with maximum flexibility of settings.


How to Automatically Synchronize Schema Changes in Two SQL Server Databases on a Schedule

This article introduces a solution on how to automatically synchronize two SQL Server databases on a schedule.