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Entity Framework Tips and Tricks, Part 1

This article will open a series of publications about non-trivial situations encountered by our users. Some of these situations are the restrictions of the used platforms, and some simply require a nonstandard approach to solving the problem.

Our first post consists of the following users’ questions concerning Entity Framework:


Forget about Database Explorer!

Of course, it’s just a joke, but in every joke there is a grain of joke. Remember how many times you wished you never saw Database Explorer again, switching from the SQL script each time to view a required database object. It is really inconvenient to search database objects mentioned in the script using Database Explorer.  (more…)

How to reduce Internet traffic when connecting to remote host?

Recently we received a letter from our customer who was unsatisfied with the amount of Internet traffic that dbForge Studio for MySQL produced when he was working with the remote MySQL server via VPN connection.

Here are two tips on how you can reduce your traffic in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v3.50:


Working With National Language Data in MySQL

Working with localized data is one of the widespread problem our users encounter with. We try to cover the following questions in this article:

Note: In the article examples, cp1251 is set as Windows code page*.