MySQL RADIANS() Function

MySQL offers a range of functions for executing different numerical operations. Its RADIANS() function takes an input value that signifies an angle measured in degrees, transforms this value into radians, and then outputs the converted result.

Basic Syntax of RADIANS Function


degree_value: This parameter represents the angle in degrees that you wish to convert into radians.

How RADIANS Function Works

The RADIANS function in MySQL takes a numeric value, which denotes an angle in degrees, and converts it into radians. The conversion is based on the mathematical principle where Pi radians are equal to 180 degrees. Hence, the function multiplies the degree value by Pi/180 to compute its radian equivalent.

Example 1: Basic Conversion

Consider a simple conversion of 180 degrees into radians.

SELECT RADIANS(180) AS RadiansResult;

This query will return 3.141593, which is the radian equivalent of 180 degrees (Pi radians).

Example 2: Incorporating RADIANS in Calculations

The RADIANS function can be seamlessly integrated into more complex mathematical operations. For instance, calculating the cosine of a 45-degree angle involves first converting the angle to radians.

SELECT COS(RADIANS(45)) AS CosineResult;

This query will compute the cosine of 45 degrees, with the RADIANS function converting 45 degrees into its radian counterpart before the cosine calculation.

Example 3: Dynamic Conversion in a Table

When dealing with a table containing an ‘angle_in_degrees’ column, the RADIANS function can be applied to each row to convert these values into radians.

SELECT angle_in_degrees, RADIANS(angle_in_degrees) AS angle_in_radians
FROM angles_table;

This query converts each value in the ‘angle_in_degrees’ column of the ‘angles_table’ into radians and displays both the original and converted values.

The RADIANS function in MySQL is a powerful tool for numerical computations involving angle conversions. Its simplicity in syntax and versatility in application make it an essential function for any user dealing with trigonometric calculations in MySQL databases. Understanding and effectively utilizing the RADIANS function can significantly enhance the efficiency of your data processing and analysis tasks in MySQL.

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