Friday, September 29, 2023

How to Upload MySQL Backup Files to FTP or Free File Hosting Services

Discover the best practices for creating secure MySQL backups and uploading them to FTP or popular free file hosting services like,, MEGA, Google Drive, and Protect your data with our comprehensive guide.

Reworking SQL Queries: Replacing Asterisks With Column Lists in SELECT Statements

The shorthand SELECT * command might be one of the most convenient and commonly used SQL statements during the development phase, but is it really the best practice for production environments? Let us try to find out.

Unlocking the Power of SQL Approximate Interpolation Functions

In SQL Server, the recently added APPROX_PERCENTILE_CONT and APPROX_PERCENTILE_DISC functions utilize interpolation. This article will delve into the basics of interpolation and real-world uses of the APPROX_PERCENTILE_CONT and APPROX_PERCENTILE_DISC functions within SQL Server databases.

Champs Recap: Devart’s Award-Winning Products in Q2-Q3 2023

As September is slowly but steadily coming to a close, it's time to deliver a summary of our achievements on independent review platforms over Q2-Q3 2023. Our previous recap was rather rich with awards, and this time we hope you won't be disappointed either.

Unlocking the Power of SQLCMD in the SSMS Query Editor

In today's data-driven age, tools that allow for efficient database management and querying are indispensable. One such powerful tool is SQLCMD, a command-line utility that comes bundled with SQL Server. But did you know that you can unleash the might of SQLCMD right within the familiar SQL Server Management Studio's (SSMS) Query Editor?

Using Bitmasks for Efficient Data Filtering

In the competitive world of database management, every bit—literally—counts when it comes to efficiency. That's where bitmasking comes into play, a resourceful technique that offers a smart solution for SQL Server administrators and developers.

Choosing the Best GUI Client for Oracle Database

GUI tools are essential for Oracle specialists, simplifying complex database management tasks with a user-friendly interface. This article explores top GUI clients for Oracle to aid in your choice.

Case Study: How the Engineers of SMD Found a Way to Process Millions of Database Records Faster With dbForge Studio for MySQL

Here comes the success story of Specialized Media Dashboard, a project that comprises an open-source media monitoring system. The specialized media in question encompasses the spheres of journalism, law enforcement, and climate change.

Automating Bulk Data Import from MS Access to SQL Server

In the article, you'll learn how to automate the bulk data import from MS Access to SQL Server using dbForge Data Pump and PowerShell command-line.

Git Checkout and dbForge Source Control – Comprehensive Guide

An essential feature in Git is the ability to work in independent branches. Switching between these branches is made easy with the 'git checkout' command.