Support Ukraine in Her Fight for Freedom!

Dear friends!

On February 24, the world changed forever. The beautiful and peaceful Ukraine was attacked by Russian invaders who wanted to break Her spirit and trample on Her values. But the invaders failed. Ukraine is strong and united like never before.

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Scheduling Cron Jobs in ASP.NET 6 and C#


This article covers cron jobs and how we can leverage Quartz.Net to schedule cron jobs in ASP.NET 6. It shows how we can store messages in a PostgreSQL database using Devart for PostgreSql, Quartz.Net, and ASP.NET 6.

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SecureBridge 10.1 Released

SecureBridge support for macOS Monterey, Windows 11, RAD Studio 11 Alexandria, Lazarus 2.2.0

We are glad to announce the release of SecureBridge 10.1 with the support for macOS Monterey, Windows 11, RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria, and Lazarus 2.2.0. In this release, we also supported the HTTP/HTTPS server in the TScHttpServer component.

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Using OneDrive to Store Scripts Folders for dbForge Schema Compare

A database scripts folder is a set of scripts that represent a database schema and, optionally, the data contained within. Scripts folders can be used to compare and deploy SQL Server database schemas, as well as version-control and reverse-engineer your databases. All of these operations can be done in a specialized tool called dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server.

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What Is a Database?

The article provides a general overview of the databases in simple terms, discusses their advantages and drawbacks, and covers the types of data to be used in databases to better understand and more effectively organize your databases.

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Configuring an ODBC Driver Manager on Windows, macOS, and Linux

How to configure an ODBC driver manager

This article explains how to install and configure the ODBC Driver Manager on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Also, it shows how to configure the ODBC data source name.

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ORDER BY in PostgreSQL – Different Ways to Sort the Output Results Easily

The SELECT statement is the most widely used SQL method to find and retrieve data from databases according to particular criteria. No matter which RDBMS you are using, you will need this command. The PostgreSQL system we will be dealing with in this article is not an exception. However, there is a catch.

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Visual Studio 2022 Support in Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new versions of multiple high-performance ADO.NET data providers, LinqConnect, and Entity Developer.

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Here Comes a New Update of SQL Complete 6.11 with Support for SSMS 19

We’ve got a new update of dbForge SQL Complete, your favorite add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio that helps you write clean SQL code faster, delivering context-sensitive code completion, debugging, formatting, and refactoring features.

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Producing Realistic Test Data With SQL Data Generator

Database development is a combination of complex processes that work together in order to create a perfectly balanced (just as all things should be) product. Testing is one of the most important procedures in this process. It is supposed to put a database into the close-to-field conditions and detect any flaws before the production goes down due to any unexpected circumstances. In other words, testing helps convert such circumstances into preventable events.

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Get the Latest Update of dbForge Studio for SQL Server With a Few Useful Additions

Here comes a minor yet rather helpful update of dbForge Studio for SQL Server, your favorite IDE that helps you easily handle nearly any task related to database development and administration—and makes your daily work with SQL Server databases far easier. Similarly to the recent release of SQL Complete, we have enhanced the Studio with several new functions, which are hardly game-changing, yet are certainly worth having. Let’s take a look at each of them.

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