Devart is a media partner of .NET FullStack 2019

Devart is a media partner of .NET FullStack Kharkiv Conference which is an annual IT conference that brings together experts in the field of .NET development. The main meeting of progressive developers will be held on September 14 at

During the event, Devart licenses will be raffled.

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Execution Notifications and Transaction Reminder in SQL Complete

dbForge SQL Complete is an advanced tool providing a batch of code completion instruments that free its users from memorizing and typing complex parts of the code. The tool won recognition from the public and has been constantly developed and enhanced ever since. Two favorable features: Execution Notifications and Transaction Reminder appeared in recent SQL Complete updates. Read the rest of this entry »

Backing Up All MySQL Server Databases or Only the Required Ones

When having only several databases to manage, regular backup operations can be done quite easily and seamlessly either with the help of a few simple scripts or by configuring an SQL Server agent that will perform the backup automatically. But sometimes the situation is more complicated. When, for instance, there are hundreds of databases, backing up each one manually can turn out to be quite a time-consuming task.

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Linking and Comparing SQL Server and PostgreSQL Databases

In this article, we will describe how to link a PostgreSQL Database to SQL Server, compare and deploy the PostgreSQL data against SQL Server with the help of dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

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New release of Data Access Components with support for Lazarus 2.0.2

DAC Support Lazarus IDE 2.0.2

The long-waited update of Delphi Data Access Components is finally here – Devart is rolling out new versions of  DAC products.

This release introduces support for Lazarus 2.0.2, improved performance of the SaveToFile/LoadFromFile methods of TVirtualTable, a new DefaultSortType property for TVirtualTable, and a range of other smaller but nonetheless important updates.

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How to Connect Oracle Autonomous with Oracle Client

How To Connect Oracle Autonomous with Oracle Client

Oracle Autonomous Database is a powerful technology that provides data processing and management in the cloud for self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing databases which can operate with no human intervention. So, it’s quite unsurprising that many want to know how to establish a connection between Oracle Client and Oracle Autonomous. Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved. Read the rest of this entry »

How to automatically synchronize data in two SQL Server databases on a schedule

Synchronizing Data How To

Data in SQL databases often needs to be synchronized in real time – this can be achieved by checking one database for updates and then applying them to another database. In this case, the process of change detection and synchronization should be ran automatically on a schedule and with no need for outside intervention. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Generate and Fill a Doubly Linked List Table

How to Generate a Doubly-Linked List Table


In this article, we’ll learn how to fill a doubly linked list table with SQL test data. In such tables, there can be various independent chains unified by unique tags into groups. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the Future of SQL Database Development!

We are thrilled to announce the most notable addition to our dbForge for SQL Server product line in years, dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server. Read the rest of this entry »

Devart sponsored SQLSaturday 857 in Kyiv, Ukraine

SQL Saturday Kyiv 2019

SQLSaturday is one of the largest free-to-attend IT events in Ukraine, and Devart was its Gold Sponsor this time.

We had a lot of new product to show, gave a lot of interesting talks and had many interesting productive conversations. Read the rest of this entry »