The Enhanced dbForge Tools for MySQL v9.1 Are Out!

Meet the long-awaited release of dbForge tools for MySQL. We have enhanced them with a few new features that will surely come in handy.  However, the foremost thing in this update is that our tools now can run on Linux and macOS through CrossOver, a solution that helps launch Windows applications on different operating systems.

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Meet dbForge Studio 2022 for MySQL – Now Available on Linux and macOS

We are happy to announce the new release of our flagship solution for MySQL – dbForge Studio for MySQL – which is now available on Linux and macOS! Check out the updated features and improvements.

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Implementing Rate Limiting in ASP.NET 6 Core and C#

Rate Limiting

Throttling and rate limiting restrict API access, but they serve different purposes. While rate limiting can limit API usage to ensure stability, throttling prevents users from accessing your APIs over a certain period.

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14 New ODBC Drivers for Cloud Data Warehouses and Services Released

ODBC Drivers

We are excited to announce the release of new ODBC Drivers. Devart ODBC drivers allow easy access to these sources from various ETL, BI, reporting, and database management tools and programming languages on x32-bit and x64-bit Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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Make SSIS DateTime Expressions Easy With DATEPART, DATEADD, and DATEDIFF


SSIS DateTime expressions are mostly a part of daily ETL tasks. And the functions that come to mind are DATEPART, DATEADD, and DATEDIFF.

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SSIS Data Types: The No-Sweat Guide with Easy Examples

SSIS Data Types

Have you ever wondered why you need to mind your SSIS data types? You DO actually need to mind them, because there are numerous data types amounts which, sometimes, as oil and water, don’t mix together. Proceed into the article to know a little bit more about the SSIS universe!

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Key Difference between ADO.NET and ASP.NET

When we plan to develop any web-based application using the .NET Framework, we need to use ASP.NET for development. But, while we are using ASP.NET for any application development, we can also use ADO.NET within that application. We often misunderstand that ASP.NET and ADO.NET are the same or related. But actually, it is not valid. Both are different in the concept of feature and functionality. But definitely, we can use both of them at a time within an application. So, here, we will mainly discuss the critical difference between ADO.NET and ASP.NET. 

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Get the New Update of SQL Tools With Support for SSMS 19

Following the recent release of dbForge SQL Complete, we have rolled out a similar update for the entire SQL Tools bundle. Now every add-in and standalone tool it contains is compatible with SSMS 19 Preview 2, the latest preview release of SSMS.

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Getting Started With dbForge Source Control

dbForge Source Control for SQL Server is an SSMS add-in that enables database version control and is compatible with the biggest version control systems, including Git, Mercurial, SVN, TFVC, Azure DevOps Server, Perforce, and SourceGear Vault.

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How to Write Expressions in SSIS Derived Column

Column in SSIS

You can’t make an SSIS Derived Column useful without expressions. So, how do you write one? This article will give you tips on using derived column transformation.

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