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Enjoy the Updated Code Compare, Now Compatible With Visual Studio 2022!

Meet the newly updated Devart Code Compare, a smart and flexible tool that provides you with the easiest possible way of comparing and merging source code, files, and folders.

SSMSBoost vs dbForge SQL Complete

Code auto-completion can be a popular and useful technique for developers productivity who strive to write clear, accurate, and reliable code with little time and effort. As a rule, code completion tools provide context-based suggestions for code in the SQL editor, thus, helping stay focused, saving much time on daily coding tasks, and minimizing keystrokes.

New in SecureBridge: RAD Studio 12 Athens Support, Mobile Platform Expansion, and More

We are thrilled to introduce the latest version of SecureBridge, now equipped with support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 12 Athens.

How to Convert MySQL Databases to SQL Server: Step-by-Step Process

Read on to delve into the basics of data conversion between MySQL and SQL Server and see how to easily transfer data from a MySQL table to a SQL Server table.

Mastering SQL Views and Materialized Views for Optimal Database Management

The article covers fundamental aspects of SQL views and materialized views, delving into ownership prerequisites, permission considerations, and various use cases.

High-Quality PostgreSQL GUI Tools for macOS

PostgreSQL stands out as one of the world's most favored database management systems, and a substantial number of PostgreSQL users are also devoted macOS users. They need tools that are fully compatible with their favored operating system. This article aims to guide you toward the most suitable Graphical User Interface (GUI) database tools for PostgreSQL on macOS.

Top-Rated PostgreSQL GUI Tools [2024]

The role of professional GUI tools is exceptional for database development, management, and administration. Let us review the best GUI tools designed for PostgreSQL – one of the most popular database management systems in the world.

Azure Data Studio vs dbForge SQL Complete: Which One’s Best at Code Completion?

With the right SQL code completion tools by your side, you can get approximately 2 to 4 times more productive with your daily coding...

Types of Data Models in DBMS with Examples

Is data visualization important? Yes, visual is easier to comprehend than verbal, and graphical data presentation helps us grasp the necessary information easier and dive deeper to make the right decision.

How to Use pgFormatter: Features and Alternatives

Formatting makes SQL code accurate, readable, understandable, and standardized for teams and individuals. SQL formatter is a tool that beautifies code automatically. Formatting tools...