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How to Clone Data From One Column to Another in the Same SQL Server Table

This article explores the process of duplicating data from one column to another within the same SQL table using T-SQL and dbForge Data Compare.

Importing Data from Excel to SQL Server Database: Expert Tips

Microsoft Excel is a popular software tool for creating spreadsheets and performing calculations. Many businesses and organizations use Excel to store and manage data, but there may come a time when that data needs to be imported into a SQL Server database. This can be daunting but can be done quickly and easily with the right tools and techniques. This article will explore expert tips for importing data from Excel to an SQL Server database.

Overcoming the Challenges of SQL Server Version Upgrades and Downgrades With dbForge Compare Bundle

Navigating the process of SQL Server version upgrades and downgrades can be a daunting task, often accompanied by various challenges and complexities. However, with the assistance of the dbForge Compare Bundle, businesses can overcome these hurdles and streamline the upgrade process.

CREATE TABLE in SQL Server – Guide With Examples

Creating a table is the core of the database design and one of the fundamental skills for all database professionals. This article will review default methods of creating tables on Microsoft's SQL Server.

How GPT Chat Can Help You Generate CRUD Procedures for SQL Server Tables

In todays technological landscape, artificial intelligence has carved a significant niche for itself, offering unparalleled assistance in numerous domains. One such domain is database development, where the AI model, such as ChatGPT, has been gaining increasing recognition.

Champs Recap: Award-Winning dbForge Database Solutions in Q1 2023

Now that Q1 2023 is over, it's time to deliver our traditional champs recap and showcase the awards and badges garnered by dbForge solutions on independent review platforms over this period.

How to Use ChatGPT to Write SQL JOIN Queries

SQL JOINs are a fundamental aspect of relational database management and allow for the retrieval of data from multiple tables based on a specified condition. With the advent of advanced language models like OpenAI's GPT, it is now possible to leverage their capabilities to write SQL JOIN queries most efficiently.

Connect Power BI to SQL Server: 3 Easy Ways

Learn how to seamlessly connect Power BI to SQL Server using ODBC, Python, and Excel with this step-by-step guide. Improve your data analysis and visualization skills today!

SQL Server vs MySQL: Difference, Performance, and Features

In the ever-evolving world of database management systems, SQL Server and MySQL stand as two of the most popular and widely-used solutions. Both platforms offer robust features and reliable performance, but which one is the right choice for your needs?

How ChatGPT Can Help Database Developers Write Unit Tests for SQL Server

We have already explored the capabilities of the much-hyped ChatGPT in terms of writing SQL JOIN queries and retrieving data from MySQL databases. Now the time has come to take one more step further and scrutinize a more narrow-focused yet crucial topic for database developers—unit testing. We'll see how ChatGPT fares when it comes to writing unit tests for various database objects.