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SSIS Multicast Transformation: The Smart Guide with Easy Examples

SSIS MultiCast could be the easiest transformation component. Why?

You simply drag it into the Data Flow. Then, point the source to it and point it to one or more transformation or destination components. That’s it. There’s nothing else to configure. But what is it? And how do you use it? This article will show you how to use it with simple examples.


Make SSIS DateTime Expressions Easy With DATEPART, DATEADD, and DATEDIFF

SSIS DateTime expressions are mostly a part of daily ETL tasks. And the functions that come to mind are DATEPART, DATEADD, and DATEDIFF.


SSIS Data Types: The No-Sweat Guide with Easy Examples

Have you ever wondered why you need to mind your SSIS data types? You DO actually need to mind them, because there are numerous data types amounts which, sometimes, as oil and water, don’t mix together. Proceed into the article to know a little bit more about the SSIS universe!


How to Write Expressions in SSIS Derived Column

You can’t make an SSIS Derived Column useful without expressions. So, how do you write one? This article will give you tips on using derived column transformation.


Incremental Load in SSIS

People are ever more in a hurry. They want their data almost right now. And even more, data is getting bigger and bigger. So, you can’t use good old techniques because they’re “good enough”. It has to be fast. And ETL steps are not an exemption. This is where incremental load comes to play. And if you’re on this page, you probably are looking for incremental load in SSIS.


SSIS Execute Process Task Tutorial with Examples

What’s the big deal with SSIS Execute Process Task?

Among the many SSIS components, Data Flow and SQL tasks are enough for simple tasks. Using SSIS to compare two tables is one example. But sometimes, those task components alone are not enough for our requirements. Executing a batch file, a PowerShell script, or an executable file as the next step makes sense. So, why not make use of it in SSIS?


27 New Data Sources Supported in Devart SSIS Components 2.0!

Devart is glad to announce the release of SSIS Data Flow Components 2.0 with support for 27 new data sources. We have supported Snowflake cloud data warehouse and a number of cloud applications, including several new inventory management solutions, like DEAR Inventory or Zoho Inventory, a number of new cloud CRMs, such as Pipedrive and Insightly CRM.

SSIS Data Flow Components now also support new cloud app categories, for example, Ads and Conversion, with such widely used tools as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Twitter Ads. See the full list of the sources below:


PostgreSQL 13 Support in dotConnect for PostgreSQL, LinqConnect, SSIS Components, and Entity Developer

Devart is glad to announce support for the latest PostgreSQL version – PostgreSQL 13 – in the newly released dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.19 and SSIS Data Flow Components 1.15 as well as in LinqConnect, and Entity Developer products.


SSH Support in SSIS Components 1.14 and dotConnect for Oracle 9.12

Devart is glad to announce support of SSH connections in the Direct mode in dotConnect for Oracle 9.12 and SSIS Data Flow Components 1.14. Now you can connect both to on-premises Oracle and Oracle Database Cloud — a Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution from Oracle — via secure SSH protocol in the Direct connection mode.


Dynamics CRM OAuth 2.0 Support and Other Improvements in SSIS Components 1.13

Devart is glad to announce the release of SSIS Data Flow Components 1.13 with support of OAuth 2.0 authentication for Dynamics CRM and a number of improvements for other cloud sources and databases.