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Restore SQL Server Database Backup Using T-SQL Script and SSMS

The third article in the series about SQL Server backup and restore will take us through the database restore process and demonstrate the two main principles of database restore available in Microsoft.


Using dbForge Studio for Oracle to Automate Oracle Database Deployment

When raising issues related to increasing performance and improving Oracle database reliability and integrity while developing and deploying databases, the real value lies in automating the process and managing changes securely.


Implementing a Scheduled Automatic SQL Server Backup Process

Now that we have reviewed the backup basics in the first article of our series dedicated to SQL Server backup, let’s proceed to the implementation and automation of the SQL Server backup process.


How we made more realistic tests with dbForge Data Generator for MySQL

We have been developing our own SaaS CMS platform floowedit since 2007. During all the development and improvement phases we have always faced a problem: having realistic and quantitative test data at hand. In fact, like everyone else, we use dummy data generators and often work with so-called ‘lorem ipsum’.


SQL Server Backup Types and Key Concepts

The importance of database backup and restore can be neither underestimated nor ignored. And since your data is subject to modification, the primary task is to ensure its safety and mitigate the risks of data loss.


How to change a column name in MySQL

Learn how to safely rename a column in a MySQL database using a universal multi-featured tool – dbForge Studio for MySQL.


How to perform Git code review

Summary: This article will demonstrate a code review workflow when using Git as a repository and Review Assistant as a code review tool. You will learn how to set up an effective code review process and useful features for code review that our tool provides.


Azure Database for MySQL: How to connect and migrate databases with dbForge Studio for MySQL

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect to Azure Database for MySQL and discover three scenarios of database migration from MySQL to Azure using dbForge Studio for MySQL.


dbForge Studio for MySQL vs MySQL Workbench

Every single year new products and new versions of the leading tools enter the market. Their providers compete, offering database specialists  more and more features. Thus, users have a whole bunch of possibilities to achieve their goals with the best-fit solutions. The only challenge remaining is which tool to use.  (more…)

How to Set Up Extended Events in SQL Server

Extended Events is a helpful and convenient solution designed to monitor your system performance. First introduced in SQL Server 2008, it has become the global default solution. SQL Server Extended Events apply to the DBMS state monitoring and help DB developers or DBAs to collect information, view it, and analyze it.