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How to Check if a Database Exists in SQL Server

Let us examine the common use case of comparing and synchronizing databases that involve checking if the specific database exists in SQL Server.

How to Check the Oracle Version

Read on to explore multiple methods to get the version of the connected Oracle database using different commands, tools, utilities, and command-line operations.

How to Backup and Restore a PostgreSQL Database

This article contains a comprehensive guide on backing up and restoring data and schema using a command-line tool and a user-friendly GUI tool — dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL. Here, you will discover carefully selected theoretical material designed to broaden your knowledge on the subject, complemented by practical examples to provide you with a hands-on learning experience.

Working with Data Transfer Objects in ASP.NET Core 

In this article, we’ll connect to PostgreSQL using dotConnect for PostgreSQL  which is high performance and enhanced data provider for PostgreSQL that is built on top of ADO.NET and can work on both connected and disconnected modes.

SQL Database Design Basics With Examples

Discover how to populate a database with data by means of Data Generator for SQL Server, and search for database data and objects with the free dbForge Search tool. I will use dbForge Studio for SQL Server to implement charts for my examples, and dbForge Data Pump to import and export data.

Data Import and Export: BCP Utility vs dbForge Studio for SQL Server

The preconditions for easy and versatile import and export are rather simple. First, you need to have quite a few data formats to deal with, a dozen or so. Second, you need to tailor each operation to your needs with a selection of flexible settings. Third, you most certainly wouldn't mind automating your recurring tasks.

How to Convert MySQL Databases to SQL Server: Step-by-Step Process

Read on to delve into the basics of data conversion between MySQL and SQL Server and see how to easily transfer data from a MySQL table to a SQL Server table.

Mastering SQL Server Decryption With dbForge SQL Decryptor

It's crucial to have tools that can both encrypt and decrypt database objects and data effectively. One such tool is dbForge SQL Decryptor, a free and straightforward solution designed to decrypt various database objects in SQL Server.

How to Migrate from MySQL to Oracle: A Comprehensive Guide

Migrating data from MySQL to Oracle can be a wearisome task with a significant amount of manual effort. It can be streamlined with the assistance of two Devart products: dbForge Studio for Oracle and the ODBC driver for MySQL.

How to Create a Database in SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is known as a relational database management system (RDBMS). It's designed to store and manage substantial amounts of data efficiently. The system provides many features and tools required to develop and administer databases. That's why SQL Server is a popular solution among developers and enterprises for completing different tasks in the field of data.