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How to Easily Convert Your MS Access Data to MySQL

Microsoft Access is a relational system for managing databases that is used to create small-scale databases for a single user or small teams. MySQL is a robust open-source relational database management system for more extensive data volumes and web applications.

The Future of Databases: Exploring Serverless MySQL With PlanetScale

Serverless databases are a modern approach to database technology. Unlike traditional databases, where users have to manage server infrastructure and capacity planning, serverless databases remove those complexities. Users can focus solely on their data and applications, leaving the database infrastructure provisioning, scaling, and maintenance to the service provider.

What Is AWS RDS? Key Features, Advantages, and Connection Guide

This article examines Amazon RDS, exploring its unique features and benefits, and offering a guide to connect to databases in Amazon RDS with dbForge tools.

MySQL UPSERT: Comprehensive Examples and Use Cases

The article examines the UPSERT operation in MySQL and MariaDB, discussing various implementation methods, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

TOP 10 MySQL GUI Tools for Efficient Database Management on Windows [2024]

Selecting the ideal GUI tool for MySQL and MariaDB databases can be challenging. This article provides a summary of the top functional and user-friendly GUI options for these widely-used database systems. It outlines their advantages and disadvantages and offers extra guidance to assist you in making an informed decision.

Champs Recap: Devart’s Award-Winning Products in Q4 2023

The end of the year isn't all that far away, and it's time to tell you about the latest awards garnered by dbForge database tools. This time we'll be mostly talking about the badges that we've recently scored on G2, one of the world's top platforms where you can both find and review business software.

What Is AWS IAM? How to Connect to Amazon RDS Using IAM Database Authentication

Navigating the security landscape of cloud services can be complex, but AWS IAM provides a robust framework for secure access management. In this article, we'll explore what AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is and how it enhances security.

How to Import/Export MySQL Data to SQL Azure: Using ODBC Driver for Data Migration

In this article, we'll briefly review some advantages of SQL Azure, a Microsoft cloud-based SQL database service, and explore how to export and import data between Azure SQL and MySQL server using a universal ODBC driver for SQL Azure and a powerful MySQL tool - dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Meet the Grand New dbForge Studio MySQL 10.0 with Integrated Source Control!

We don't say that quite often, but here is an update to end all updates, one of the biggest bulks of new features and enhancements that dbForge Studio for MySQL has ever seen.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss the Latest Update of dbForge Tools for MySQL!

Yes, our entire product line for MySQL is getting an update that packs quite a few useful goodies for your daily work with MySQL and MariaDB. Yes, the newly introduced features and enhancements are worth at least a brief look. And yes, if you are an active user of these tools, you can already update them!