Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Complete Guide to Oracle ALTER SESSION

In this article, we will dive into the intricacies of ALTER SESSION, exploring its syntax, usage scenarios, and the wide range of settings it can manipulate. We will examine how this command can enhance query performance, control session-specific behavior, and streamline database operations.

Champs Recap: Award-Winning dbForge Database Solutions in Q1 2023

Now that Q1 2023 is over, it's time to deliver our traditional champs recap and showcase the awards and badges garnered by dbForge solutions on independent review platforms over this period.

Build Credit Card Analytics with Python using Devart ODBC for Oracle

This tutorial explain how to build the Credit Card Analytics using Python and Devart ODBC Driver for Oracle.

How to Connect Power BI to Oracle Database: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to easily connect Power BI to your Oracle Database with our comprehensive guide. Unlock the full potential of your data insights today!

Exploring ChatGPT’s Capabilities in Creating and Optimizing SQL Queries for Oracle

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a widely-used programming language for managing and manipulating data stored in relational databases. As the need for data analysis and database management continues to grow, an increasing number of job roles demand SQL proficiency. However, grasping SQL queries can be daunting, particularly for novices.

Meet dbForge Edge, Your Ultimate Multidatabase Solution!

If you are a database developer dealing with several projects, it means you have to handle a number of database management systems simultaneously. And for each of these systems, you need to have a proper set of tools at hand. Moreover, the said set of tools must be complete and flexible enough to follow the evolving project and its current requirements.

Guide to Effective Date Formatting in Oracle

Dates are fundamental to many database applications, and correctly formatting them is crucial for ensuring data accuracy and efficient data retrieval. Oracle provides a plethora of date functions and formatting options to choose from, which can be overwhelming without proper guidance.

Here Comes the Great Big Update of dbForge Tools for Oracle!

Following the recent update of our PostgreSQL product line, we are genuinely excited to unveil yet another new release that's just as big and essential—a rich collection of newly supported SQL statements and miscellaneous functional enhancements that have been integrated into the latest versions of dbForge tools for Oracle.

Champs Recap: Award-Winning dbForge Products in Q2-Q4 2022

Following our previous recap that covered the awards garnered by dbForge products in Q1 2022, and a compelling selection of DBTA 2022 Readers' Choice...

Finden Sie ungültige Objekte in Ihren Datenbanken

DBA hat eine Reihe von Aufgaben, die hauptsächlich darauf abzielen, die Datenbank-Performance und die Datenkonsistenz zu unterstützen. Der Administrator kann den CHECKDB-Befehl verwenden, um...