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Creating Stored Procedure for Dropping Local Temporary Tables in SQL Server

In this final part of the three-part article series, we will review creating a script, wrap it in a stored procedure, and will use it for deleting all local temp tables and one particular local temporary table.


Dedicated Link Source Control Repository

This is the fifth part of an extensive article dedicated to database versioning. Before you proceed with it, we suggest that you read the previous parts:


Database Version Control Using Source Control for SQL Server

There are many solutions for version-controlling databases. We are going to review one of them, namely Source Control which comes in the SQL Tools pack. As an example, we will use the JobEmplDB database for a recruitment service:


How to Rollback Committed Transactions on MS SQL Server

The MS SQL Server database management system suggests that all changes are carried out via transactions. Transactions are created to ensure the ACID requirements:


Database Versioning with Examples

To properly manage the database development process, stay informed of the changes delivered by other developers, and avoid conflicts or missing data in the database, one needs database versioning. This allows you to reconstruct any version of the database, view the history of changes, and ensure smooth database delivery.


Version Control System – Version Control with Git

The article deals with the basics of versioning SQL Server databases and goes into the basics of working with the Git version control system.


SQL Server Table Variables Overview

In the article, we are going to explore the basics of SQL Server table variables, compare local temporary table vs global temporary vs table variable, and examine a query execution plan performed with dbForge Studio for SQL Server.


Create Full SQL Server Database Backup with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

The backup process is an important link in the chain of successful database administration and robust data protection. In this article, we are going to apply a comprehensive solution from dbForge Studio for SQL Server that allows quick and efficient database backup and restore.


Introduction to SQL Server Temporary Tables

We all need to refer to temporary tables quite often. They are necessary to deal with interim aggregations or outputting intermediate results. However, it is also essential to delete temporary tables after using them. 

In this article, we’ll examine the basics of temporary tables and define how they differ from table variables. Then, we’ll learn how to delete temporary tables correctly, and we’ll create a stored procedure for deleting temporary tables in a current session.


Restore SQL Server Database Backup Using T-SQL Script and SSMS

The third article in the series about SQL Server backup and restore will take us through the database restore process and demonstrate the two main principles of database restore available in Microsoft.


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