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MySQL for Visual Studio vs dbForge Fusion for MySQL: A Comparison of Plugins

Microsoft Visual Studio plugins continuously compete to empower users with extended capabilities. Free tools have the most obvious advantage — while you don’t have to pay for them, they tend to deliver all the essentials to cover your basic needs. Paid tools mean broader functionality, convenience, and customization, but the bottom line is whether the value you get surpasses the price.


Detailed Review of Two Best Visual Studio Plugins for Oracle Database

The article deals with the Visual Studio add-ins for Oracle database development and management and provides an extensive comparison of two contenting add-ins for the aforesaid purpose, dbForge Fusion for Oracle and Oracle Tools for Visual Studio.


Meet dbForge Fusion for Oracle, v3.10 with Fresh Connectivity Options

We are delighted to share the great news with our Oracle users – a new version of our Visual Studio plugin for Oracle database management, dbForge Fusion for Oracle, v3.10, has been just released!


New Connectivity Options in dbForge Fusion for MySQL, v6.6

We are glad to inform our MySQL users, that a new version of our Visual Studio plugin for MySQL database development, dbForge Fusion for MySQL, v.6.6, has been just rolled out.


Devart Products Win Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards 2021

Here come this year’s first awards received by Devart products! The Visual Studio Magazine announced the winners of its 27th annual Reader’s Choice Awards, and we’ve got two products among them. The first one is dbForge Fusion for SQL Server, which was awarded the Bronze badge in the Databases and Data Development and Modeling category. The second one, Entity Developer, scored the Bronze badge in the Software Design, Frameworks, and Modeling Tools category.


Data migration from MySQL to Oracle server

Data migration is a tiresome task requiring a great deal of manual activity. In this article, we will examine how to migrate MySQL data to the Oracle server, using Data Export feature built-in dbForge for MySQL products. In the given worked example, we will move data from the actor table and the query result from the sakila database that exist on MySQL server to the SCOTT schema on Oracle server.


dbForge Fusion 3.50 released! Enjoy more valuable features!

Devart has released today the updated version 3.50 of dbForge Fusion for MySQL – a powerful add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, designed to simplify MySQL database development and enhance data management.


Working With National Language Data in MySQL

Working with localized data is one of the widespread problem our users encounter with. We try to cover the following questions in this article:

Note: In the article examples, cp1251 is set as Windows code page*.


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