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Create Full SQL Server Database Backup with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

The backup process is an important link in the chain of successful database administration and robust data protection. In this article, we are going to apply a comprehensive solution from dbForge Studio for SQL Server that allows quick and efficient database backup and restore.


Restore SQL Server Database Backup Using T-SQL Script and SSMS

The third article in the series about SQL Server backup and restore will take us through the database restore process and demonstrate the two main principles of database restore available in Microsoft.


SQL Server Backup Types and Key Concepts

The importance of database backup and restore can be neither underestimated nor ignored. And since your data is subject to modification, the primary task is to ensure its safety and mitigate the risks of data loss.


Azure Database for MySQL: How to Connect and Migrate Databases with dbForge Studio for MySQL

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect to Azure Database for MySQL and discover three scenarios of database migration from MySQL to Azure using dbForge Studio for MySQL.

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