How to Debug a Stored Procedure with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

The article provides a detailed overview of the SQL Debugger functionality built into dbForge Studio for SQL Server, a powerful IDE for efficient database development, administration, testing, and deployment boasting superb features and functionalities.


Start debugging in SSMS with SQL Complete 6.4

The dbForge team is thrilled to present the latest version of SQL Complete for SQL Server. The most notable feature of this release addresses the newly introduced debugging functionality designed to take away the pain of combing through scripts to find errors and grant the possibility to debug T-SQL directly in the IDE. From now on, you don’t need to compromise on code quality.


Be careful while using UNSIGNED data type in the routine body


MySQL Server (starting from v 5.0), as Oracle and SQL Servers, allows creating stored procedures and functions.

Stored procedures are a set of SQL commands that can be compiled and stored on the server. Thus instead of storing a frequently-used query, we can refer to a corresponding stored procedure. This provides better performance (as this query is analyzed only once) and reduction of traffic between client and server.