How to Compare Two Formatting Styles in dbForge SQL Complete

One of the primary features of dbForge SQL Complete—a top-tier add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio—is code formatting, which helps beautify SQL code and make it consistent and easy to read, understand, review, and share across teams.


New and redesigned formatting profiles in SQL Complete 6.3

At our users’ request, Devart introduces span-new formatting profiles that let you tune your SQL code like never before. Now you can not only format your code exactly as you want but also switch quickly to an alternative style or apply formatting specifically to certain parts of your SQL script if required.


Good code is well-formatted code

It was long ago observed that efficiency of code depends on its appearance. Good code is usually readable and quickly understood by colleagues. Of course, code formatting won’t speed up the execution of your queries, but will definitely simplify finding the errors and prevent ambiguity.

Make your code standards-driven and clear for other people using formatting functionality of dbForge Studio for MySQL. Based on your needs, you can benefit from 3 types of formatting:


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