Visual Studio 2022 Support in Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new versions of multiple high-performance ADO.NET data providers, LinqConnect, and Entity Developer.


Visual Studio 2019 Support in Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions!

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new versions of dotConnect ADO.NET data providers, LinqConnect – our LINQ to SQL-compatible ORM solution, and Entity Developer – our visual designer for ORM models. New versions of Devart products offer you support for Visual Studio 2019.

Visual Studio 2019 RC4 Support in Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions!

Devart is glad to announce support for Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate 4 in dotConnect ADO.NET data providers for databases and cloud apps, LinqConnect ORM solution, and our ORM designer – Entity Developer.

PostgreSQL 11 support in dotConnect for PostgreSQL, LinqConnect, SSIS Components, and Entity Developer

Devart is glad to announce support for the latest PostgreSQL version – PostgreSQL 11 – in the newly released dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.12 and SSIS Data Flow Components 1.10 as well as in LinqConnect, and Entity Developer products.

Functionality Improvements in the New Version of LinqConnect

Devart is glad to announce a beta version of completely reworked LinqConnect ORM with better performance and large number of improvements.

New 4.0 version of LinqConnect marks a new milestone in LinqConnect development. Renewed LinqConnect demonstrates a new degree of performance and stability. Now it can be used in most complicated use cases and supports submit of very complex object graphs.

Starting from the 4.0 version, LinqConnect uses only its own classes. It does not reference the System.Data.Linq assembly any more, and this assembly is not loaded with your applications, using LinqConnect. However you don’t need to worry about LINQ to SQL compatibility. Public interface of our classes is completely compatible with the public interface of Microsoft LINQ to SQL classes. Moreover, we provide the Upgrade Wizard for easy upgrading of your LinqConnect projects to the new version of LinqConnect in a few clicks. (more…)