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Implementing a Scheduled Automatic SQL Server Backup Process

Now that we have reviewed the backup basics in the first article of our series dedicated to SQL Server backup, let’s proceed to the implementation and automation of the SQL Server backup process.


Support for EF Core 5.0, .NET 5.0, and More Features in Entity Developer 6.8

Devart is glad to announce the release of Entity Developer 6.8 – a visual ORM designer for a wide variety of ORMs. The new version introduces support for preview versions of Entity Framework Core 5.0 and .NET 5.0, adds ability to generate C# 8 nullable reference types and configure collection navigation properties, improves support for stored procedures, for NuGet and third-party providers, and many more.


Export SQL Stored Procedure to a File and Generate its Script

In previous articles, we have reviewed a general algorithm of finding and deleting incomplete open transactions in SQL Server databases, created a table for fixing incomplete transactions and a CRUD-stored procedure, and implemented numerous settings that will make our document workflow productive and handy.