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SQL Database Design Basics With Examples

Discover how to populate a database with data by means of Data Generator for SQL Server, and search for database data and objects with the free dbForge Search tool. I will use dbForge Studio for SQL Server to implement charts for my examples, and dbForge Data Pump to import and export data.

Create ER Diagram for SQL Server Database Using SSMS and SQL Designer

Entity Relationship Diagrams are widely used for analyzing database structure and troubleshooting issues with logic or deployment. In this article, we provide a detailed...

Relationships in SQL – Complete Guide With Examples

In this article, we are about to take a close look at the SQL Server relations, including one-to-one, many-to-many, and many-to-one relations, and get...

How to Create a Many-to-Many Relationship

Establishing a many-to-many relationship between the tables in a database is usually done for ensuring efficient data processing and data integrity, as well as...

How To: Create a MySQL Database Diagram Using a Sketch Image

With Database Designer database can be created from a sketch without using any external image-viewers. Database Designer tool available in dbForge Studio for MySQL serves for creating database diagrams visually.

Quick start in database development with Sakila database project

The Sakila project was designed to demonstrate all cutting-edge capabilities of dbForge Studio for MySQL such as Database Projects, Database Diagram, Data Reports, Pivot Grid, Visual Query Builder, Code Refactoring, Database Comparison and Synchronization, and also to let a user get acquainted with the mentioned functionality quickly and easily with the help of the prepared examples.

How to: Create MySQL Database in One Shot

Database Designer presents the database that is being created in the form of a database diagram. Database Designer tool available in dbForge Studio for MySQL serves for creating databases visually.

How to Save MySQL Database Diagrams as an Image

dbForge Studio for MySQL has the Database Designer functionality that allows you to build and view the structure of your database using the diagrams. You...

Getting Started with MySQL Database Designer

Contents What Is Database Designer? How to Create a Database Diagram Navigating the Diagram How to Quickly Print Diagram Saving and Restoring the Diagram What...

Roadmap: dbForge for MySQL

Devart company decided to publish roadmap of dbForge for MySQL line to help you understand the future product development. This roadmad encompasses two products:...