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.NET Conf 2022, November 8-10

Hey, you there. Yes, you! There’s something going on; something in the air – and you’re one click from all the info. Come on in!

Now, after getting your full attention, that’s time to deliver the breaking news – the .NET Conf 2022 is already here, and we’re participating!

Why should you care? Because it’s the biggest .NET virtual, educational event that brings the latest info into your comfort zone along with a chance to win some good, free stuff (sponsored by us and others). More so, this is worldwide, meaning you can tune in from almost anywhere in the world. 

How long and what gives? Three days, full of live sessions featuring speakers from both community and .NET team members. Streams shall be active 24-hours between days 2 and 3 of the conference, allowing the participation of people from various time zones, hassle-free. 

Day one

That’s a heavy hitter and is all about the big news – the .NET 7. You’ll know what’s new from the very hands of .NET developers across all workloads including, but not limited to: cloud, mobile, desktop, web, AI, and IoT.

Day two

A leap of faith into the incomputable number of things you can do with .NET – our 24-hour marathon begins. Here you’ll learn, discover or remind yourself about the many ways of .NET interactions on many levels, and who knows, maybe some revelation or insight comes down on you.

Day three

The marathon must go on – all day and night the speakers from many timezones are broadcasted, and the main communication topics are Linux, Data, ML/AI, Games, and more. News, discussions, even maybe some leaks – all there, hot and steaming. 

More so, these three days are not your typical come-and-go: you can actually interact with the conference via asking live question on Twitter, spamming kappa and memes on Twitch, attending virtual parties, and snatching the free prices via quiz games. Everyone loves quizzes! Well, almost everyone.

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