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Azure Data Studio vs dbForge SQL Complete: Which One’s Best at Code Completion?

With the right SQL code completion tools by your side, you can get approximately 2 to 4 times more productive with your daily coding routine, as evidenced by our clients in success stories. Empowered with context-sensitive suggestions, advanced code formatting, and productivity boosters, you can streamline monotonous operations and work every day with a far sharper focus on things that require your attention the most. After all, you want to work smart and make it a pleasure, don’t you?


SSMSBoost Add-in for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Alternative Review

Code autocompletion can be a popular and useful technique for developers productivity who strive to write clear, accurate, and reliable code with little time effort. As a rule, code completion tools provide context-based suggestions for code in the SQL editor, thus, helping stay focused, saving much time on daily coding tasks, and minimizing keystrokes.


Code Completion and SQL Code Navigation improved in SQL Complete v6.2

The dbForge team is excited to announce the release of a greatly enhanced SQL Complete v6.2. Being the flagman solution of the Devart company, SQL Complete is aimed at building consistency and quality into your code. This add-in for SSMS and VS will facilitate your database development, minimize downtime and help avoid performance issues.

The release addresses a number of major features and improvements.


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