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SSMSBoost vs dbForge SQL Complete

Code auto-completion can be a popular and useful technique for developers productivity who strive to write clear, accurate, and reliable code with little time and effort. As a rule, code completion tools provide context-based suggestions for code in the SQL editor, thus, helping stay focused, saving much time on daily coding tasks, and minimizing keystrokes.


There are a lot of code completion tools on the market. Today we are going to do a short review and features comparison of SSMSBoost and dbForge SQL Complete. All this may help you decide in favor of the most efficient completion tool.

Feature comparison

Now, let’s compare the features each tool provides. You can use it to decide on which tool to choose to reach your goals.

Feature dbForge SQL Complete SSMSBoost
SQL Server support 2000-2022 2000-2019
Azure SQL support Yes Yes
SSMS integration Yes Yes
Visual Studio integration Yes No
Improve code quality
Find invalid objects Yes No
Generate CRUD Yes No
Generate the CREATE/ALTER script for server objects Yes Yes
Renaming objects, variables, and aliases Yes No
T-SQL Debugger Yes No
Work safe with document environment and database
Various options for executing statements Yes No
Execution warnings Yes Yes
Execution notifications Yes Yes
Transaction Reminder Yes Yes
Tabs coloring Yes Yes
Custom SSMS main window title Yes Yes
Execution history of SQL statements Yes Yes
Important Database alert No Yes
Tabs management Yes Yes
Quick Connection Switch No Yes
Documents sessions Yes Yes
Recently closed documents Yes No
Operate with data in SSMS data grid
Results Grid Data Visualizers Yes Yes
Copy Data As from SSMS grid to XML, CSV, HTML, JSON, Excel Yes Yes
Copy Data As from SSMS grid to File Yes No
Copy Results Grid Headers (Column Names + Types) Yes Yes
Find Columns in Results Grid No Yes
Grid Aggregates Yes Yes
Find in Results Grid Yes Yes
Generate Script As from SSMS data grid Yes Yes
Boost coding productivity
Context-sensitive suggestion of objects names and keywords Yes No
Object information Yes No
Parameter information Yes No
SQL snippets Yes Yes
“Go to definition” for database objects Yes Yes
Highlight occurrences of an identifier Yes No
Highlight BEGIN/END and CASE/END Yes Yes
Highlight COLUMNS and VALUES in an INSERT statement Yes Yes
Navigation between queries Yes No
Navigation between brackets Yes Yes
Named regions Yes Yes
Vertical guidelines No Yes
Navigation between COLUMNS and VALUES in an INSERT statement Yes Yes
Navigation between BEGIN/END and CASE/END Yes Yes
SQL Editor contents history No Yes
Document Outline window Yes No
Unify SQL standards
SQL formatting Yes Yes
Multiple predefined formatting profiles Yes No
Keeping original format for a piece of code Yes Yes
Formatting Profile Quick Select Yes No
Command-line interface Yes No
Import/Export Settings Wizard Yes No
Manage keyboard shortcuts No Yes
Quick search for options Yes Yes
T-SQL Analyzer Coming soon in v7.0 No
Auto-suggesting non-aggregated columns for GROUP BY clause Coming soon in v7.0 No
Find Invalid Objects CLI Coming soon in v7.0 No
Command Line Wizard Coming soon in v7.0 No
The very first release v1.0 (Nov 19, 2010) v2.1 (Apr 20, 2012)
The latest release (at the time of publication) v6.15 (Dec 28, 2023) v3.12 (Apr 7, 2021)
Total release quantity 140 32

Note: For feature comparison, dbForge SQL Complete v6.15, and SSMSBoost v3.12 were used.

Price comparison

Both dbForge SQL Complete and SSMSBoost provide free 14-day trial versions so that users can try and evaluate the features applicable to their work. After the trial version expires, users can purchase a full version of the tool.

dbForge SQL Complete offers a Standard edition ($129.95 per year), a Professional edition ($149.95 per year), and a free Express edition. In SSMSBoost, there is a free Community edition and a Professional license for $195.

SSMSBoost add-in for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) review

Developers of the tool pitch SSMSBoost as an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio with extended SSMS features that were designed to speed up daily tasks and prevent developers from occasional loss. The tool is packed with a lot of useful features that include managing preferred server connections, switching between preferred and recent connections, setting connection coloring, creating alert messages for important connections, etc.

Besides, SSMSBoost simplifies the work with SQL objects, for example, the ‘go to definition’ feature, object scripting, object names management, and object location in Object Explorer. With auto replacements, developers can accelerate commands or snippets input.

SSMSBoost supports the oldest versions of SQL Server Management Studio, including 18, 17, 2016, 2014, 2012, and 2008 SP2, but it doesn’t support the latest version 19.x.

dbForge SQL Complete add-in for SSMS review

When thinking about something similar to SSMS software, dbForge SQL Complete can be on top of its alternatives, and it’s no surprise. The tool is a full-featured and advanced IntelliSense-style SQL autocompletion add-in for Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio. The focus on code refactoring, code completion, and SQL formatting features helps developers write stable and error-free SQL code much faster, thus, augmenting their productivity leaps and bounds better.

dbForge SQL Complete offers a lot of helpful and necessary features, such as context-based code completion, object suggestions, code refactoring, SQL snippets, grid aggregates, history execution, navigation between blocks, etc. With the object and variable renaming capabilities, code readability can be greatly improved. If there is a need to customize SQL code formatting, developers can easily apply formatting styles and profiles.


When making a choice towards one of the code completion tools, users usually weigh up all pros and cons, analyze the features the tools provide, and compare prices. The information covered in this article should simplify this choice. As you can see, dbForge SQL Complete deserves your attention as the best alternative to SSMS. With the tool, you can code faster, reduce mistakes, stay productive, and don’t have to worry about syntax checks or typos.

Download a free 14-day trial version of dbForge SQL Complete to assess the features it provides. After that, your SQL coding experience will not be the same as before and you will ask yourself ‘How could I live without you, dbForge SQL Complete?’