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Import/Export Connections Using dbForge Studio for SQL Server

If you need to work with multiple connections, you can easily import them into dbForge products with just a little preparation. Let us show you how it’s done with dbForge Studio for SQL Server, one of our flagship solutions that help you perform dozens of diverse database development and management tasks from a single IDE.


Connect to PostgreSQL Database Using psql, pgAdmin, and PostgreSQL Client Tool

This article will be useful for those who have already installed PostgreSQL on their personal computer. In case you still haven’t, this blog post will come in handy. Now, we will focus on some of the most popular ways of accessing the PostgreSQL database on Windows. We will describe the PostgreSQL connection options using psql, pgAdmin, and fast and convenient dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL by Devart. Moreover, here you will find the instructions on connecting to local and remote PostgreSQL servers.


How to Connect to MySQL Server

In the second article of the series uncovering how to get started with MySQL, we talk about the ways of connecting to MySQL Server.