Implement Automatic Migration of SQL Server Databases for DevOps

Quite often, migrating a database proves to be a cumbersome task. You have to control both schema and data changes introduced into the database. If you intend to build a reliable automation pipeline, you need to fully understand the process and use the proper tools to enhance your productivity.


Using dbForge Studio for Oracle to Automate Oracle Database Deployment

When raising issues related to increasing performance and improving Oracle database reliability and integrity while developing and deploying databases, the real value lies in automating the process and managing changes securely.


How dbForge Studio for MySQL is Involved in the DevOps Process

When developing a software application based upon complex database structure, it is often necessary to run diverse business logic test scenarios on the same input data. That’s where the problem of repeated recovery of test data arises. This article offers the simplest way to automate the process using only one tool – dbForge Studio for MySQL.


SQL Unit Testing Stored Procedure with dbForge Unit Test for SQL Server

Unit testing is an essential component of the database DevOps process. Its primary goal is to test the constituent parts of the database objects in order to identify any malfunctions or flaws early in the project. This approach allows database developers to ensure the changes they have made are verified, and the project will work properly.


Database DevOps Tools for Continuous Integration

Over the past few years, CI has come to be one of the best practices for software development. Indeed, it has numerous advantages: including high speed of product development, good code quality, enhanced communication between team members, and increased reliability of the process.


Adopt Flawless Continuous Integration into Bamboo with a New dbForge DevOps Plugin

We are glad to inform our SQL Server users that we have just extended the compatibility of dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server with just-released dbForge DevOps Automation Bamboo Plugin for SQL Server.


Enjoy Continuous Integration in TeamCity with dbForge DevOps Automation

We are thrilled to inform our users of dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server that we have extended the range of supported automation systems with TeamCity.


Welcome to the Future of SQL Database Development!

We are thrilled to announce the most notable addition to our dbForge for SQL Server product line in years, dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server. (more…)