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Absolute Trophy Champion—dbForge Studio for MySQL Got Nine Awards

The festive season has come to an end, but Devart is still receiving presents. We have great news that we would like to share. dbForge Studio for MySQL gained nine awards from G2.


Check Your Current MySQL Version in 6 Ways

MySQL is an extremely popular open-source RDMS, and it’s widely used by millions of companies and professionals. In this article, you will learn how to check the current MySQL version, and how to update it if necessary.


How to Create a View in MySQL

This article will show you how to create and manage views in MySQL. A view is a virtual table that does not store its own data but rather displays data that is stored in other tables. Essentially, a view is a result of SQL query execution, which returns the required rows of data from one or multiple tables.


MySQL for Visual Studio vs dbForge Fusion for MySQL: A Comparison of Plugins

Microsoft Visual Studio plugins continuously compete to empower users with extended capabilities. Free tools have the most obvious advantage — while you don’t have to pay for them, they tend to deliver all the essentials to cover your basic needs. Paid tools mean broader functionality, convenience, and customization, but the bottom line is whether the value you get surpasses the price.


MySQL SELECT Statement Basics

The article covers the basic syntax of a MySQL SELECT statement and provides examples that show how to use a MySQL SELECT statement to retrieve data from tables.


MySQL INSERT Statement – Inserting Rows into a Table

The article covers the basic syntax of the MySQL INSERT statements and explains how to use the INSERT command in the MySQL table using dbForge Studio for MySQL.


New Connectivity Options in dbForge Fusion for MySQL, v6.6

We are glad to inform our MySQL users, that a new version of our Visual Studio plugin for MySQL database development, dbForge Fusion for MySQL, v.6.6, has been just rolled out.


What is MySQL: The Essence and the Features

Collecting, storing, and processing data are the primary tasks of today. As the data grow, the question of handling them becomes painful. In many cases, the most efficient solution is a relational database – an organized collection of data stored in tables that relate to others. It is optimal for extensive volumes of data.


How We Made More Realistic Tests with dbForge Data Generator for MySQL

We have been developing our own SaaS CMS platform floowedit since 2007. During all the development and improvement phases we have always faced a problem: having realistic and quantitative test data at hand. In fact, like everyone else, we use dummy data generators and often work with so-called ‘lorem ipsum’.


dbForge Studio for MySQL Gains More User Recognition with 3 Prestigious Awards

dbForge Studio for MySQL is one of the most famous and valuable Devart products – a comprehensive solution with an intuitive interface for MySQL and MariaDB database developers, administrators, and managers. This product is a user favorite when it comes to creating and executing queries, developing and debugging procedures, and managing database objects.

The recognition comes with 3 brand new awards that we were happy and proud to receive from the leading industry platforms.


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