Friday, September 29, 2023

.NET Core

How to Work With Hangfire in ASP.NET Core

This article builds a simple application that does some background processing to demonstrate the concepts covered using PostgreSql as the database to store data and dotConnect for PostgreSQL as the data provider for PostgreSQL.

Support for EF Core 5.0, .NET 5.0, and More Features in Entity Developer 6.8

Devart is glad to announce the release of Entity Developer 6.8 – a visual ORM designer for a wide variety of ORMs. The...

New Features in dotConnect for Oracle 9.11

Devart is glad to announce the new version of our ADO.NET provider for Oracle with advanced ORM support - dotConnect for Oracle 9.11....

Entity Framework 6.3 and .NET Core 3 Support

.NET Core 3 .NET Core was presented by Microsoft in 2016, but its 1.x versions had limited set of features comparing to Full .NET Framework....