Creating a TFVC Repository in Azure DevOps and Linking It to Source Control

The article provides a complete walkthrough to help you create a TFVC repository in Azure DevOps and link your database to the repository via the Source Control tool by dbForge. You will be able to version control your database and keep a history of changes.


How to compare and merge source code in Visual Studio 2019

Summary: In this article, you will learn how to easily compare and merge source code using Code Compare in Visual Studio 2019.  In this post, we will provide examples demonstrating the basic capabilities of Code Compare and tasks it helps you effectively solve.


Devart keeps upgrading its SQL Server IDE to be innovative

Devart is always trying to keep in touch with the times and provide its users with more and more opportunities for successful and effective databases management. That is why we have released a new version of dbForge Studio for SQL Server v.5.6 with the changes aimed at supporting the latest technologies in the world of database development. (more…)

Creating TFS Custom Check-in Policy

This article explains implementation of the TFS custom check-in policy for pre-commit code review. We developed this policy for Review Assistant – our code review tool.