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Universal Data Access for Delphi Components: Why Customers Choose UniDAC

Time is the most precious resource nowadays. It’s the age of speed, quality, and effectiveness. That’s why all the professionals around the world appreciate products and tools that help save their time and efforts and provide high-quality support.

If you work with several databases, you know how hard it can be to switch between them and manage your data on the spot. There is a great solution for you – embrace the experience of millions of users who are happily using Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC).

About Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC)

UniDAC is a collection of components that allows direct access to various databases from Delphi and C++Builder, including Community Edition, as well as Lazarus (and Free Pascal) on a variety of platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Transparent server-independent interfaces for dealing with a variety of databases are provided by UniDAC, which allows you to alter the client engine for a certain server type by just changing a single connection option.

The UniDAC Accomplishments

A growing number of users are becoming a part of the UniDAC community. They choose the product for outstanding opportunities it offers and efficiency. The Derelict and Ownerless mines project benefited greatly from using UniDAC as due to its ease of use and high-speed data access it made switching between database engines a breeze.

UniDAC allows for different Delphi versions support, Lazarus support, and complete independence from Embarcadero. All of these points tilted the balance to the UniDAC advantage and were the reason why FOX Computer Service chose UniDac to boost productivity in their company.

UniDAC is simple to set up and use, making it ideal for beginners. It also provides more database connections, faster development, and dbMonitor which has made it a perfect pick for SBZ Systems, a Greek vendor of software for trading businesses, services, and hospitality.

Easy connection to multiple databases provided by UniDAC was vital for NatSam Consultoria Ltda, a Brazilian vendor of costing and sales price calculation software for manufacturers. It allowed the vendor’s application for efficient integration with several database management systems on Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Users’ Feedback

The UniDAC team is constantly seeking ways of improvement and development. Keeping our users happy is a crucial task, so we are thankful for your feedback and greatly appreciate it. You can check out the reviews or leave your comments here.