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Choosing the Best PostgreSQL ORM Solutions for .NET

Here is a comprehensive guide that explores top PostgreSQL Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) solutions available to .NET developers in 2024, aiming to optimize their interactions with databases, streamline application development, and boost their overall productivity.

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Why use ORM with PostgreSQL

ORM is a programming technique that simplifies data manipulation and management in .NET applications by automating the translation between the object-oriented world of .NET and the relational world of databases like PostgreSQL. The benefits of using an ORM include:

  • ORM abstracts the SQL layer, allowing developers to interact with databases using high-level programming constructs. This reduces boilerplate code and accelerates development cycles.
  • By automating routine data operations, ORM frees developers to focus on business logic and application features, thereby enhancing their productivity.
  • Applications built using ORM are easier to maintain and update due to their simplified and more readable codebase.
  • ORM supports agile development practices by making it easier to refactor databases and manage changes through migrations.

Criteria for selecting ORM solutions

Selecting the right ORM solution for your .NET project involves considering several critical factors:

  1. Performance
    How efficiently does the ORM solution handle large volumes of data and complex queries?
  2. Ease of Use
    Is the ORM solution intuitive, with a convenient learning curve for developers?
  3. Feature Set
    Does the ORM solution offer advanced features such as lazy loading, caching, and concurrency control?
  4. Support and Documentation
    Is there a helpful community and official technical support, along with clear documentation?

Top PostgreSQL ORM solutions for .NET developers

Let’s explore the top proven PostgreSQL ORM solutions for .NET development in 2024:

EF Core

Entity Framework Core stands as a powerful and feature-rich ORM solution for .NET developers. EF Core allows for easy and efficient database management with its comprehensive support for data modeling, query composition, and transaction management.

Entity Framework 6

Entity Framework 6 is a tried and tested ORM for .NET that predates EF Core, and continues to be supported and updated. While it is older than EF Core, EF6 remains a popular choice for many applications due to its maturity and the vast amount of existing code bases built with it.


Dapper is a lightweight ORM tool known for its simplicity and speed. It is ideal for scenarios where raw SQL is essential, and performance is critical. Despite its simplicity, Dapper supports advanced features such as bulk inserts and multi-mapping.


An established player in the .NET ORM space, NHibernate is known for its flexibility and depth. It offers extensive mapping capabilities and a mature ecosystem of plugins and extensions.


Marten is a unique ORM solution that leverages PostgreSQL’s advanced features to provide the document database functionality. It is a perfect choice for applications that require NoSQL features like full-text search and JSON support.


Linq2db stands out for its near-native SQL performance and comprehensive LINQ support. It allows for flexible query building and provides a lean alternative to heavier ORM tools.


LinqConnect, developed by Devart, is an enhanced ORM solution that builds on the functionality of Microsoft LINQ to SQL. It is a comprehensive ORM that extends its capabilities to work seamlessly with PostgreSQL databases among other database systems.

Telerik Data Access

Telerik Data Access, formerly known as OpenAccess ORM, is a comprehensive ORM tool that simplifies the data layer of applications. Although Telerik has discontinued further development of new features, the tool remains relevant for many developers who use it for its ease of use and efficiency.

Enhancing ORM with Devart tools

Devart offers a suite of tools that significantly enhance the capabilities of ORM in .NET, particularly for PostgreSQL databases.

Entity Developer

Entity Developer is a powerful ORM designer for ADO.NET Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to SQL. It simplifies the design, development, and maintenance of ORM models through its visual designer and code generation capabilities. For PostgreSQL, Entity Developer ensures that developers can use the full power of their ORM with enhanced productivity and reduced development time.

dotConnect for PostgreSQL

dotConnect for PostgreSQL is an enhanced ORM-enabled data provider that builds on the ADO.NET technology. It supports a vast range of ORM solutions, including Entity Framework, NHibernate, and LinqConnect. dotConnect enhances ORM performance with PostgreSQL by providing advanced features such as secure SSL connections, PostgreSQL notifications, PostgreSQL bulk data loading, GEOMETRY, PostgreSQL ARRAY types, and others.


When selecting an ORM for your .NET project with PostgreSQL, it’s crucial to weigh the options against your project’s specific requirements. Below is a simplified comparison to help guide your decision:

ORMPerformanceEase of UseFeature SetSupport and Documentation
Entity Framework CoreHighModerateComprehensiveExtensive
Entity Framework 6ModerateHighVery ComprehensiveVery Extensive
DapperVery HighHighModerateGood
NHibernateModerateModerateVery ComprehensiveVery Extensive
MartenHighModerateUnique (NoSQL features)Good
linq2dbVery HighModerateHighModerate
Telerik Data AccessModerateHighModerate (Legacy support)Moderate
This table is a starting point for you. We advise developers to examine the specifics of each ORM solution and possibly experiment with several of them to understand their impact on their project.


Selecting the right ORM solution for working with PostgreSQL in .NET is a critical decision that can significantly affect the productivity, performance, and success of your application development. Each ORM highlighted in this guide offers unique advantages and capabilities. Enhancing these ORMs with Devart tools like Entity Developer and dotConnect for PostgreSQL can further boost your development efficiency and application performance. Entity Developer streamlines the design and maintenance of your ORM models, while dotConnect offers advanced features and improved performance for your PostgreSQL interactions.

Ultimately, the best ORM solution is one that best aligns with your project’s specific needs, your team’s expertise, and your application’s performance requirements. Experimenting with a few options and making use of enhancing tools can provide the insight needed to make the best choice for your .NET development project with PostgreSQL.