BigCommerce API v3 Support in dotConnect for BigCommerce 1.9 and SSIS Data Flow Components for BigCommerce

September 13th, 2019

We are pleased to announce support of BigCommerce API v3 in dotConnect for BigCommerce 1.9 and SSIS Data Flow Components for BigCommerce.

The new BigCommerce API was introduced to simplify product management, reduce the number of API calls used and improve API performance. Note that the schema of some BigCommerce objects (especially, product-related) is different in API v2 and API v3.

BigCommerce API v3 is not fully complete and does not cover all BigCommerce features yet. When using BigCommerce API v3 connection, you will work with some BigCommerce objects supported in API v3, via API v3; other objects are accessed via API v2. We don’t limit users to API v3 only, and you will be able to create both API v2 and API v3 connections.

Unlike API v2, BigCommerce API v3 support only OAuth authentication, and does not support Basic authentication. You can find more information about OAuth authentication in BigCommerce in their documentation.

Feel free to download the new versions of SSIS Data Flow Components and dotConnect for BigCommerce, try the new functionality, and leave feedback!

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