dbForge Studio for SQL Server Awarded G2 Summer 2021 Badges

July 20th, 2021

We are honored and thrilled to announce that dbForge Studio for SQL Server has received recognition as “High Performer” and “Easiest to Do Business With” in Summer 2021 Reports.

G2 (formerly known as G2 Crowd) is one of the most trusted peer-to-peer review platforms letting businesses obtain reliable information about software solutions in order to make smart and balanced purchasing decisions.

After receiving the G2 High Performer Spring 2021 award, we have achieved another milestone in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports – dbForge Studio for SQL Server has been named “High Performer” and “Easiest to Do Business With”. These awards show high customer satisfaction with the Studio and the effectiveness of Devart’s business communications.

G2 rankings are based exclusively on real customer ratings. G2 team verifies each review to make sure they are authentic and unbiased. We, at the dbForge team, are excited about this positive and encouraging feedback from our customers. 

This recognition means a lot to us. We are really grateful to our users for the trust they place in us and our product. This ongoing support inspires us to develop dbForge Studio further and add new features to it to be the perfect fit for the user.

About dbForge Studio for SQL Server

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a feature-rich IDE for SQL Server development, administration, and maintenance. It incorporates a set of tools tailored to suit the specific needs of database developers, DBAs, and data analysts.

We invite you to visit our G2 Crowd listing and check the reviews or download a free 30-day trial of dbForge Studio and see for yourself how our solution can contribute to driving your teams’ productivity and efficiency.

Download a free 30-day trial of dbForge Studio
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