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Enjoy the Updated Code Compare, Now Compatible With Visual Studio 2022!

Meet the newly updated Devart Code Compare, a smart and flexible tool that provides you with the easiest possible way of comparing and merging source code, files, and folders. Now you can install and integrate it with Visual Studio 2022 and experience all of its capabilities right there!

You can access Code Compare from the Tools menu > Code Compare.

Key features of Code Compare

File comparison

First and foremost, you can use Code Compare to find differences between any blocks of text. The comparison window is divided into two panes—source and target—and the differences are shown with convenient highlighting.

Source code comparison

As for your source code, it can be compared just as effectively. In this respect, Code Compare supports lexical comparison of code in major programming languages, including C#, C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Java, and XML. You get syntax highlighting, matching of similar lines, and code outlining for collapsing and expanding regions of code.

Here is a quick example of Code Compare showing a single difference between two similar SQL queries. It can be instantly merged both ways with a click on the corresponding blue arrow button.

Folder comparison

Besides blocks of text/code and files, Code Compare allows comparing and merging entire folders. Here, you get color coding for added, deleted, and modified files, filtering options for excluding or including certain file types, quick opening of individual files, and batch copying of files to another pane or to a selected folder.

Version control integration

We’ve saved the best for last. Code Compare helps you merge files and resolve conflicts in a variety of version control systems that support external comparison tools, including Git, Mercurial, Perforce, TFS, and a few others. It has also never been easier to quickly resolve conflicts using tools like Sourcetree.

Download Code Compare for a free 30-day trial today!

Want to check it in action? Download Code Compare for a free 30-day trial, make sure that you’ve selected the Integrate into Visual Studio 2022 checkbox during the installation, and give it a go! Working with Code Compare is just as easy and simple as it sounds!