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Entity Framework Core 3.0 Support in Entity Developer and dotConnect Providers

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new versions of our ADO.NET providers – dotConnect for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite and Visual ORM designer – Entity Developer. The new versions feature support for Entity Framework Core 3.0. Besides dotConnect for PostgreSQL now supports PostgreSQL 12.

Entity Framework Core 3.0 Support

Now you can use our products in projects, powered by the latest Entity Framework Core version and enjoy the improved performance, better SQL generation and other Entity Framework Core 3.0 features. Build your Entity Framework Core models from databases using Scaffold-DbContext command with our providers, type mapping code yourself, or use Entity Developer to design models visually – every approach is supported.

In Entity Developer, you just need to make sure that the corresponding target Entity Framework Core version is selected in Model Properties when creating an Entity Framework Core model, and Entity Developer will download all the necessary NuGet packages automatically. It will generate code for Entity Framework Core 3 – with keyless entity types instead of query types, etc.

Note that the version 3 can only be selected if the target framework for your project supports Entity Framework Core 3. This means – only for projects targeting .NET Core 3 or .NET Standard 2.1. In such cases it is selected by default. Other .NET Frameworks (like Full .NET Framework) don’t support Entity Framework Core 3.

No NuGet packages are added to dotConnect providers for Entity Framework Core 3. You need to install the same NuGet packages as you did for Entity Framework Core 2.

Entity Framework 6.3 Support Improvements

Our previous release was focused on supporting .NET Core 3.0 Preview and Entity Framework 6.3 Preview on .NET Core. This release improves this support and adds two new properties for the DbContext template, providing better configurability for Entity Framework Core code generation. The Configuration Type Name property specifies the descendant of DbConfiguration class that should be used for code-based configuration, and the Use DbConfigurationType Attribute property determines whether to register this configuration type via the DbConfigurationType attribute.

PostgreSQL 12 Support

Additionally, we have supported PostgreSQL 12 in dotConnect for PostgreSQL and Entity Developer

List of Products with Entity Framework Core support

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