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From Data Chaos to Analytics Bliss: How dbForge SQL Tools Contributed to a Small Data Analytics Company’s Success

In today’s data-driven world, having the right tools can make all the difference for small businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge. This was certainly the case for a small data analytics company that struggled to keep up with larger competitors until they employed dbForge SQL Tools by Devart.

A startup company, whose CEO prefers to remain anonymous, has recently shared their remarkable success story involving SQL Tools. This story will delve into the reasons behind their choice, the features they find most useful, and how the dbForge SQL Tools bundle has helped them to overcome various challenges. By sharing their experience with you, we hope to provide insight into how SQL Tools can be a game-changer for startups and small businesses in the data analytics industry.


Struggle to stay competitive: A startup’s pre-SQL Tools story

Our customer is a Director of Data and Analytics in a small startup company, he oversees a team of specialists who work with data. However, the team also handles data warehousing, which presents additional challenges. Given their size and budget, the company needed a tool that was affordable yet still offered automation capabilities similar to those available from larger competitors like Redgate. With the economic recession looming, the company was facing a tough road ahead, but they knew they needed to find a solution to help them stay competitive.

From many options to one: Why SQL Tools by Devart was the clear winner

Let’s explore the specific requirements that the startup had when searching for a database development tool and look into the specific tasks that it needed to solve, as well as the shortlisted options considered by the team. Finally, we’ll delve into why they ultimately chose SQL Tools over other alternatives.

Must-haves: Essential features required

  • Advanced IntelliSense: The company required more robust IntelliSense capabilities than those available in SSMS, as the existing functionality did not meet the demands of the data analytics team. The limitations of the Management Studio were frustrating and hindered productivity because the team was working mainly with large databases and complex queries. As a result, those limitations forced the company to seek out alternatives to SSMS.
  • Powerful Data and Schema Compare functionality: The team needed a reliable solution that would help them identify and resolve discrepancies between development, staging, and production environments, ensuring consistency and accuracy of data across different environments.
  • Sophisticated Data Import and Export: This feature is crucial for the team that consists mainly of analytics and database developers as they need to regularly transfer data between different systems and formats. The team specialists move large amounts of data from one database or file format to another, extract, transform, and load data from various sources into a data warehouse or analytical database, and export data to different formats for use in other applications.
  • Reliable source control: The company needed a tool to help them track and manage changes in data over time, as well as roll back to previous versions if necessary. Their developers and analysts needed to guarantee that those changes would be well-documented, rigorously tested, and efficiently deployed, with a focus on minimizing the chance of errors or data loss.
  • Modest price: The price of the tool was an important consideration for the company, especially given its size and the possibility of a future economic downturn. Investing in good quality software at a fair price could be beneficial to the company in the long term and help them stay competitive.

Selecting SQL Tools among competitors

When searching for the right tool, the company CEO and Data Analytics Team Lead aimed to strike a balance between features and cost. However, they found Redgate and Apex solutions to be a bit overpriced. Therefore, the company turned to their competitors and stumbled upon dbForge reviews on the Gartner platform. The company CEO recalled having worked with the Devart products earlier—namely, with their Excel add-ins—and also recalled being satisfied with the quality and support. He did a small research on the functionality of SQL tools and suggested that the team evaluate the solution during the 30-day trial period. The outcome was stunning – SQL Tools proved to be an ideal choice. As a result, they decided to purchase the tool pack licenses for further use.

Customer’s top picks: Key features that spark excitement

Data Compare & Sync
The Data Compare tool that comes as part of the SQL Tools bundle allows quick and efficient comparisons of data between different sources, enabling the customer’s analytics team to promptly identify differences and inconsistencies. By using this tool, the team can ensure that they are working with accurate and up-to-date information, ultimately leading to better analysis and decision-making. Additionally, the Data Compare as well as Schema Compare functionality can be accessed and used from the command line, making it possible to automate and schedule multiple routine tasks.

Data Pump
Data Pump proved to be an essential tool for the data analytics team as it enabled quick and efficient transfer of large amounts of data. With its ability to move data between different systems and platforms, the tool saved valuable time and effort for the team, allowing them to focus on analyzing the data rather than worrying about the logistics of moving it. This tool is especially useful for work with big data or the handling of data migration projects.

Source Control
The integrated Source Control allows all the teams to manage changes in data and code in a collaborative and organized manner. By using Source Control, they can track changes, maintain version history, and easily revert to previous versions if necessary. Source Control also helps make sure that all team members are working on the latest version of data and code, leading to better collaboration and increased productivity.

Impressive results achieved

2x-3x increase in data transfer speed

The company’s specialists were able to achieve a 2x-3x speedup in data transfer by utilizing the powerful data export and import utilities included in the SQL Tools bundle. Thanks to these tools, data migration between data sources and databases became significantly faster and more efficient.

75% reduction in code errors and typos

The IntelliSense-style autocompletion and syntax check helped the database development and data analytics teams reduce errors and typos by providing context-sensitive suggestions and checking syntax while typing code. This functionality helps quickly identify and fix errors before they become an issue, saving lots of time and effort in the long run.

3x-4x boost in database migration speed

Thanks to the Schema Compare and Data Compare tools, the teams were able to dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of database migrations, thereby freeing up time for more extensive data analysis.

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