Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Here Comes the Latest Update of SQL Complete!

It’s time to unveil the latest update of dbForge SQL Complete, your favorite code completion add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio. We have enhanced it with a few new functions that will surely come in handy. Let’s check them out!

We have added support for several new functions in the Completion List, Quick Info, and Parameter Information.

First off, you get the GREATEST function:

Then you get the LEAST function:

Next comes the CURRENT_TIMEZONE function:

Finally, you get the CURRENT_TIMEZONE_ID function:

We have also added support for the FORMATFILE_DATA_SOURCE parameter for bulk_options in the OPENROWSET function:

That’s it! You are free to update your dbForge SQL Complete at any given moment to get all of these improvements. Simply go to the Help menu > Check for Updates.

And if you are not acquainted with dbForge SQL Complete yet, we suggest you give it a go with a free 14-day trial, which will help you evaluate its capabilities and see how much more productive your daily work is going to be.