LinqConnect and ORMBattle.NET

August 13th, 2010

ORMBattle.NET has recently updated their results of testing various .NET Framework ORMs and added LinqConnect to their lists. LinqConnect demonstrates one of the best results it their tests.

ORMBattle.NET is an open-source project for ORM comparison, supported by a development team from This project contains a set of tests for feature-oriented comparison, but it is more focused on the performance tests (CRUD operation performance, object materialization, etc.).

LinqConnect development team agrees with most of the tests. The results on the whole are reliable enough to consider them when choosing ORM framework.

We already are studying the situations where LinqConnect showed bad results and working on performance improvement.

One Response to “LinqConnect and ORMBattle.NET”

  1. IT Says:

    Take my congratulations guys! Your results are one of the best. Good start! :)