Friday, April 19, 2024
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OAuth 2.0 Support in dotConnect for QuickBooks and SSIS Components for QuickBooks

Devart is glad to announce support of OAuth 2.0 authentication in dotConnect for QuickBooks 1.10 and SSIS Data Flow Components 1.12. We have made certain improvements for connecting to QuickBooks, described below.

Connecting to QuickBooks using OAuth 2.0 requires a different set of connection parameters than before. So this means that old connection parameters, like Access Token, Access Token Secret, Consumer Key, and Consumer Key Secret are no longer in use, and they were removed from our products. Thus, after updating to new versions of our products, you will also need to update connection strings in your projects.

Now you must specify only Company Id and Refresh Token in your connection string. You can do it automatically at design time by clicking the Web Login button in our connection editors, signing in to QuickBooks, and selecting a company to connect to. It is also recommended to register your application with your developer QuickBooks account at and specify the Client Id and Client Secret of your application. However, this is not required if you obtain other parameters via web login in our design-time connection editors. If you omit them, our products will implicitly use Client Id and Secret of embedded Oauth apps, registered by us.

QuickBooks refresh tokens may expire just after one hour. Our products can automatically retrieve new tokens, however, they need to store them between sessions somewhere in order to avoid the necessity to edit the connection every day in your project. For this, you also need to specify the location to store tokens – either a file or a registry key – in the Token Server connection string parameter. You can find more details in the documentation of the corresponding products.

You are welcome to download the updated version of our SSIS Data Flow Components and dotConnect for QuickBooks and send feedback.