Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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PostgreSQL 14 Support in dotConnect for PostgreSQL

Devart is glad to announce support for the latest PostgreSQL version — PostgreSQL 14 — in dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.22. Now you can connect to PostgreSQL 14, work with stored procedures, returning data via OUT parameters, and multirange data types in your .NET projects.

Stored Procedures with OUT Parameters

dotConnect for PostgreSQL now fully supports PostgreSQL stored procedures, returning data via OUT parameters.

Multirange Data Type Support

dotConnect for PostgreSQL now supports the following PostgreSQL 14 data types:

  • int4multirange
  • int8multirange
  • nummultirange
  • datemultirange
  • tsmultirange
  • tstzmultirange

We have added the corresponding values to the PgSqlType enum, and the GetProviderSpecificValue method of the PgSqlDataReader class returns an array of the corresponding range objects for such columns:

  • PgSqlIntRange[]
  • PgSqlBigIntRange[]
  • PgSqlNumericRange[]
  • PgSqlTimeStampRange[]
  • PgSqlTimeStampTZRange[]
  • PgSqlDateRange[]

In the parameters of the corresponding types, you can use such an array of ranges or the corresponding string representation.

NaN and Infinity Numeric Values

Now, if a NaN, Infinity or -Infinity value is get for a numeric type, the “Value ‘NaN’ is not supported by System.Decimal” exception is thrown.

You are welcome to download the updated versions of dotConnect for PostgreSQL and send feedback.