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February 1st, 2010
Go to and share your ideas about new features you want to see in Entity Developer. There you may vote for features that are already in our roadmap, and they will have higher priority in our plans, or you may suggest your own features, and if they will get enough votes, we will include them to the roadmap. Your opinion helps us to make Entity Developer better and more useful for you.
Entity Developer at UserVoice

Currently Entity Developer roadmap includes the following features:

  NHibernate support

Support for the NHibernate open-source ORM framework.

  Support for other data providers

Support for third-party ADO.NET data providers in Entity Framework and NHibernate models. Provider should support Entity Framework for Entity Framework models.

  Model migration

Migrating models between different ORM solutions (from Entity Framework or LINQ to NHibernate, etc.).

  Updating model from database

Wizard for comparing the database with the model and updating the model from the database. The wizard will try retaining all manual changes to the model.

  Update To Database and Generate DDL Script wizards

DDL script generation for creating database for the model (Model First), and wizard for comparing database with the model, and updating the database from the model. Wizard will try affecting the existing database data as little as possible.

  Command line interface support

Support for command line parameters for automatic code generation from the model and automatic model generation from the database.

  Ability to execute update scripts on the active model

Model editing via C# or Visual Basic script.

  Editing LINQ and Entity SQL query data

Editing of the data, returned by LINQ or Entity SQL queries and saving changes to the database.

  SQL code execution

Execution of native SQL code.

  Query and SQL editor improvements

Code completion, syntax highlighting, code formatting, etc.

  Custom Attributes support

Design-time adding of custom attributes, which affect code generation, to classes, methods, and properties.

  Custom Attributes for DataAnnotation support

Design-time adding of custom attributes for DataAnnotation validation.

  Validation rules

Design-time and template enhancements for creating validation rules for values of the model class properties.

  Template language improvements – template import and inheritance

Reusing code of a template in other templates. Linking one template file to another with template import or inheriting template from other one.

  Templates usability improvements

Binding template to a model with the relative template path stored in the model. This allows transfering templates with the models without the need to register templates in Entity Developer separately.

  Templates, generating classes for RIA services

Templates for generating RIA domain model classes for Devart LINQ and NHibernate models.

  POCO EF templates

Templates for generating POCO code for Entity Framework 4 models.

  Storage schema diagram

Diagram for displaying storage schema.

  Automapping CRUD functions

Automatic mapping of CRUD functions by their names or user-specified rules.

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