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October 13th, 2010
Go to and share your ideas about new features you want to see in LinqConnect. There you may vote for features that are already in our roadmap, and they will have higher priority in our plans, or you may suggest your own features, and if they will get enough votes, we will include them to the roadmap. Your opinion helps us to make LinqConnect better and more useful for you.
LinqConnect at UserVoice


We have already started implementing of the following features:

  TPT inheritance hierarchy support

TPT inheritance hierarchy support to LinqConnect.

  Support for ASP.NET Dynamic Data

ASP.NET Dynamic Data LinqConnect Web Application Visual Studio project templates for C# and Visual Basic languages.

  PLINQ support

Parallel execution of LINQ queries to different databases and using several DataContexts in one LINQ statements.

  Visual Studio Debugger Visualizer for LINQ queries

DataQuery debugger visualizer, displaying SQL statement for the LINQ query with SQL syntax highlighting.

The following features are on our roadmap:

  WPF and Web samples

Samples of using LinqConnect in WPF and Web projects.

  Web Demo (Click Once Application)

Demo project that can be run from our site in your browser.

  Fluent mapping

Mapping with C# or VB expressions (without attributes or XML).

  Advanced RIA Services support

Implementation of some RIA Services classes, which allows you to use LinqConnect in your RIA Services applications.

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