Review Assistant vNext Development Started Off

May 23rd, 2013

We have started developing the new version of Review Assistant – code review tool for Visual Studio.

We are glad to inform our users that we’ve started the development of the new version of our product for code review automation.

It’s been awhile after the first release of Review Assistant, so we have come to certain conclusions. On the whole, we should say that the product was accepted by the users with interest. Certainly, it’s been mentioned time and again that Review Assistant is a young product and needs improvement.

Why vNext?

Of course, we understand that there is much to be done to make our code review tool a mature product. We have extensive plans and a lot of ways to direct our efforts.

So we don’t specify the number of the next product version as we have not yet decided on how much it will differ from the current version (v 1.2).

We are striving to make our product the best offer in terms of price and quality in the market.

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