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The Difference Between an IDE and a Code Editor Explained

How would you like to get your daily coding done? Fast? Obviously. In a neither repetitive nor monotonous manner? Naturally. With all of the tools you might need always at hand? Yes, definitely.

Whether you are going to get it all or not depends on where you choose to write your code. Your two primary options here are either a code editor or an IDE. Both are designed to make your coding easier—however, in different ways.


How to Switch From SSMS to dbForge Studio Effortlessly

If you are reading this, chances are that you are an active user of Microsoft SSMS. And following the title that has brought you here, you may ask us: why should you bother switching? What should dbForge Studio ever offer to make you leave the convenient familiarity of SSMS?


Understanding a SQL Schema

The article describes the basics of a database schema, the advantages of using schemas, and covers how to create, modify, and delete them in the SQL Server database.


How to download and install SQL Server Express edition?

The article covers a step-by-step guide describing how to install a SQL Server Express edition on the computer. MS SQL Server Express 2019 is a free version of Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database management system used to develop databases and SQL queries, manipulate data, and perform database-related tasks that do not require large volumes of database storage.


MySQL SELECT Statement Basics

The article covers the basic syntax of a MySQL SELECT statement and provides examples that show how to use a MySQL SELECT statement to retrieve data from tables.


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