Installing and Configuring an ODBC Driver on Linux (DEB / RPM)

This article explains how to install, configure, and test Devart ODBC drivers on Debian-based or RPM-based Linux distributions.


Fast and Simple Database App Development and Deployment to Linux in RAD Studio

The Devart company released UniDAC with support for Linux 64-bit platform. UniDAC makes application development and maintenance easier and simpler because the use of the Direct mode in a custom application does not require the installation of client libraries, additional drivers, etc. This helps to avoid the overhead when accessing a DBMS, hence increasing performance.


dbForge Studio for MySQL on Linux Operating Systems

Despite the fact that the dbForge database tools were developed only for Windows platforms, our active users (thanks to Tsvetkov) have found a way to use some features of dbForge Studio for MySql on Linux family operating systems.

Tests were run under .Net Framework 2.0 on Wine emulator. (more…)