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dbForge Studio for MySQL on Linux Operating Systems

Despite the fact that the dbForge database tools were developed only for Windows platforms, our active users (thanks to Tsvetkov) have found a way to use some features of dbForge Studio for MySql on Linux family operating systems.

Tests were run under .Net Framework 2.0 on Wine emulator.

The following command line functionality works with no visible issues:

  • /backup – backups a database
  • /restore – restores a database
  • /datacompare – launches a data comparison
  • /datacompare /sync – launches a database synchronization
  • /schemacompare – launches a schema comparison
  • /schemacompare /sync – launches a database synchronization
  • /dataexport (starting from version 5.0) – exports data
  • /dataimport (starting from version 5.0) – imports data
  • /execute – executes a script

Testing of the following GUI functionality completed with full success:

  • Import Wizard
  • Export Wizard
  • Backup Wizard
  • Restore Wizard
  • SQL Formatter Wizard

Data comparison. We were able to perform data comparison operation with some limitations:

  • there is no possibility to view differences between the records of the relevant objects
  • Data Synchronization Wizard doesn’t work at all

Schema comparison. Testing of the schema comparison functionality finished with the following results:

  • Schema Comparison Wizard works properly
  • Schema Synchronization Wizard is supported excepting the possibility to view synchronization script for the object. However, you can save documents and use them as a command line argument

Stored procedures debugger. Works properly if you disregard the artifacts.

The rest of the functionality is associated with tool-windows or documents and mostly blocked because of problems with rendering. To avoid the issues associated with tool-windows, change the window status from Docked to Floating and vice versa.

If you are interested in using dbForge Studio for MySQL on Linux, you can use the following installation recommendations:

1. Build wine with the following options:

app-emulation/wine-1.3.3 USE="X alsa dbus gecko jpeg ncurses opengl perl png ssl threads
truetype win32 xinerama xml (-capi) -cups -custom-cflags (-esd) -fontconfig -gnutls
(-gphoto2) -gsm (-hal) -jack -lcms -ldap -mp3 -nas -openal -oss -pulseaudio -samba (-scanner)
 -test -win64 -xcomposite"

2. Install to a new folder .wine files (optionally, but preferably)

3. Run:

- sh winetricks gdiplus

Note: Do not use gdiplus from wine (dbforge crashes with an error when starting)

4. Install dotnet20 (in Fedora13 the installation interrupts with an error):

- sh winetricks dotnet20

5. Run:

wine ./dbforgemysqlru.exe (installs with no visible issues)

To further enhance your MySQL experience on Linux, we have also included a step-by-step instruction on how to install MySQL on Linux.



  1. Greate. Waiting for a full functional version on linux.

    With current mono evolution why not a full port to Mono enabling MAC, WIN and Linux users to enjoy this great tool?

  2. This is a major stopper for me to buy this product, FYI. As Rui wrote above, I honestly see no reason why not simply port to Mono and provide support to all platforms Mono works on…

  3. Given the high percentage of developers who use Linux and Mac as their preferred platform, it seems less profitable to write this type of tool for only the Windows environment.

  4. Hi,

    Currently we do not have any plans to develop native applications for MAC and Linux. However, you can use dbForge Studio for MySQL together with MAC. For this you need Parallels Desktop for Mac.

    If you have additional questions, please let us know.

    Thank you!

  5. did not work with actual wine versions and prevent me from buying. I really like dbForge but i don`t pay for a Windows exclusive program, since i mostly work on my Ubuntu Notebook. sad, but i`ve to evaluate some other, linux able SQL Studio

  6. Work requires that I use Linux, instead of Windows. dbForge was by far my favorite mysql editor when I was using Windows. But the inability to run it natively on Linux means I’ll need to find a replacement for dbforge studio. I don’t trust the integrity of running very important queries through WINE.

    Why windows only? it seems that a large portion of your target demographic are going to be linux users…

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