Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Update Your dbForge Tools to Prevent Diagram Control Errors

If you are using any dbForge tools for SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and/or PostgreSQL, please make sure you have read this post.

Recently, Microsoft released a cumulative Windows update (including KB5006670, KB5006672, and KB5006674). This update fixes a bug in Windows GDI that has been there for years. Unfortunately, one of the third-party components, which is currently not supported by the vendor, contained a critical bug that was revealed by this update.

As a result, you may encounter an error that causes dbForge tools to crash when creating database diagrams.

We did our best to fix this component as soon as possible and roll out special updates for the involved dbForge products:

Now you have 2 options to prevent this error from happening:

1. You may rollback the KB5006670, KB5006672, and KB5006674 updates on your machine and continue using the old versions of dbForge products.

However, we do not recommend this option for security reasons. Moreover, you will not be able to update your dbForge products in the future.

2. Simply install the available updates of the dbForge products you are using – all the fixes are already there. This is the best way to keep your products up to date and prevent the error from happening.

That’s it. Stay tuned for further updates!