Devart Products Become the Winners of DBTA 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards

For the fourth year in a row, Devart solutions are voted winners of the Readers’ Choice Awards by the Database Trends and Applications magazine, which is one of the leading media focused on data science, big data, and information management.


Erstellen von Tabellen mit dem MySQL CREATE TABLE-Befehl in dbForge Studio for MySQL

Es gibt zwei Arten, wie man Tabellen in MySQL-Datenbanken erstellen kann:

  • Ausführen einer Abfrage, die einen CREATE TABLE-Befehl enthält
  • Nutzung der entsprechenden Funktionen von MySQL-bezogenen Tools und IDEs

How to Create a Table in MySQL

Creating tables is perhaps the most popular task in database development. In this article, we will review the ways of creating MySQL tables.

There are two main ways of creating tables in MySQL databases:


Get the Latest Update of dbForge Studio for SQL Server With a Few Useful Additions

Here comes a minor yet rather helpful update of dbForge Studio for SQL Server, your favorite IDE that helps you easily handle nearly any task related to database development and administration—and makes your daily work with SQL Server databases far easier. Similarly to the recent release of SQL Complete, we have enhanced the Studio with several new functions, which are hardly game-changing, yet are certainly worth having. Let’s take a look at each of them.


How to Compare Two Formatting Styles in dbForge SQL Complete

One of the primary features of dbForge SQL Complete—a top-tier add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio—is code formatting, which helps beautify SQL code and make it consistent and easy to read, understand, review, and share across teams.


dbForge Studio for SQL Server Scored 3 Crozdesk Awards

Today we would like to tell you more about the three awards that dbForge Studio for SQL Server has recently scored on Crozdesk, one of the world’s top platforms that helps companies find and purchase the best business software for project and customer management, marketing, and accounting. The names of these awards are rather indicative of what all dbForge products stand for — Trusted Vendor, Happiest Users, and Quality Choice.


Champs Recap: Devart’s Award-Winning Products in Q1 2022

It’s time for a brief recap that covers all the badges that dbForge products for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL were awarded in Q1 2022—all owing to the steadily positive response from our users on a variety of review platforms.


The Difference Between an IDE and a Code Editor

How would you like to get your daily coding done? Fast? Obviously. In neither repetitive nor monotonous manner? Naturally. With all of the tools, you might need always at hand? Yes, definitely.

Whether you are going to get it all or not depends on where you choose to write your code. Your two primary options here are either a code editor or an IDE. Both are designed to make your coding easier—however, in different ways.


How to Switch From SSMS to dbForge Studio Effortlessly

If you are reading this, chances are that you are an active user of Microsoft SSMS. And following the title that has brought you here, you may ask us: why should you bother switching? What should dbForge Studio ever offer to make you leave the convenient familiarity of SSMS?


dbForge Tools for SQL Server Scored Three More G2 Badges

We’ve got yet another achievement to tell you about! dbForge SQL Complete and dbForge Studio for SQL Server have been awarded the High Performer Spring 2022 badges on G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace for business software. Additionally, dbForge Studio for SQL Server has been included by G2 in their Small-Business Grid Report as a High Performer.